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Gynecomastia, Degree of Risk

I had an idea, and I think the guys will like it. I will assess the degree of risk of different drugs to combat and cause the gynecomastia. The criteria are an approximation based on scientific knowledge, but mainly in the accounts we have of the different drugs. I’ll consider the different types of gyno, the estrogen and progestenic source, and will assign a grade ranging from -3 to +3, and the positive notes refer to drugs that cause gynecomastia (steroids) and negative notes refer to drugs which combat gyno (SERM’s, aromatase inhibitors).

  • NOTES (HALUCH scale):

+3 - High risk of gyno, many reports

+2 - Medium risk, few reports, but well known

+1 - Very low risk of gyno, in most cases without reports

0 - drug that does not cause and not combat gyno

-1 - Drugs that combat gynecomastia with low or unknown efficiency

-2 - Drug that combat gyno efficiently

-3 - Powerful drug that can reverse gynecomastia

  • Drugs that cause or combat estrogen gyno (aromatization):

+3: Dianabol, Sustanon, testosterone cypionate and enanthate, testosterone suspension

+2: testosterone propionate and fhenylpropionate, methyltestosterone

+1: Equipoise, nandrolone

-1: Clomid, primobolan, masteron

-2: Nolvadex, proviron, exemestane (Aromasin), anastrozole (Arimidex)

-3: Letrozole (femara)

  • Drugs that cause or combat progestenic gyno (increased prolactin):

+3: Anadrol

+2: Trenbolone (fina)

+1: Nandrolone (Deca)

-1: Stanozolol, primobolan, masteron

-2: Bromocriptine (parlodel)

-3: Cabergoline (dostinex)

  • Steroids that no cause and no combat gyno:

0: oxandrolone, Turinabol, Halotestin


You’d really put Test Cyp at +3 ? that’s suprising

that’s an interesting post, and don’t take this the wrong way, but who are you and why should anyone listen to you?

[quote]lbraga wrote:
You’d really put Test Cyp at +3 ? that’s suprising[/quote]

unsurprisingly man, gyno and aromatization with cypionate is as common as with enanthate and sustanon

[quote]rds63799 wrote:
that’s an interesting post, and don’t take this the wrong way, but who are you and why should anyone listen to you?[/quote]

thanks man, I’m Brazilian, study steroids for a long time and I am the person who writes more about steroids in bodybuilding forums the Brazil. This study is done based on my knowledge about drugs and many reports that accompany in bodybuilding forums, but understand that is an approximation.

Soon I will translate other articles I wrote with Information of which are not here, and this will lower your suspicion by my knowledge, grateful