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Gynecomastia Blood Test Question

i got a blood order from my doctor after asking about gyno surgery

on nowhere on the sheet does it mention ANY kinda of estrogen, or estrogen total… WTF

there are two icd-9’s on it i looked them up and they mean

so i guess it just notifies them of conditions? i was thinking that maybe there is a standard battery of tests that correspond to each condition/icd-9 code…

but if thats true why wouldnt i have seen this used before, and why would he in addition check off my free testosterone total?

lastly, when i go to get my blood drawn, im thinking i should stop the dermacrine i started two weeks ago… like take a day off maybe 2? i heard it pushes your FT up high and i dont want to look high on my tests…


From the doctor’s point of view, everything you say makes perfect sense. He has most likely decided that you’re taking steroids and he’s testing to confirm that. Even if your E2 is elevated, that would most likely be the result of abnormally high T levels, so there’s really no need (in his mind) to test for E2.

Your doctor isn’t Sherlock Holmes looking for an many clues as possible to solve the riddle of why you have gyno. He’s more like Frank Gilbreth, looking for the most efficient way to give you the minimum amount of his time so he can get on to the next patient.

What isn’t clear to me is what you want. Do you know why you have gyno? If not, then I would stop all “testosterone boosting” in order to see where the problem is coming from.

i dont think i explained myself enough then i guess…

i have gyno. i have had it since i was in my early teenage years.
it has exacerbated over a 2 month period earlier this year.

i am on TRT, prescribed by the doctor that i asked about gyno. that is why i see him.

he is testing me to ensure my hormonal environment is stable now, so that post-op, i am not going to proliferate further breast tissue.

so him not testing for estrogen is shocking/completely retarded as far as i can see.

my post was to see if i am missing some way he is testing for estrogen without explicitly listing the word on my blood order.

i guess ill just call him and ask, hes just extremely hard to get a hold of, and i hate looking like im trying to run the show, and questioning his ideas.

i just switched to once weekly from 2x a week, as i am trying to do everything by the book as i am not having any success libido wise.

and as far as the dermacrine, should i stop a week before? day or two? thanks.