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gynecomastia (b*tch t*ts)

Hi, I’m 15 and I’ve had gynecomastia for like a year and a half or so. Has anyone here had this and when does it go away? Also, is there a link between guys that get big in there early teens and gynecomstia? I wonder because I was close to 6 feet tall when I was 13, and I know a guy thats barely 15 and he’s 6’2 190(albiet some fat), and he has them too. I’ve never done 'roids or anything and my BF% is low enough to see my abs; any info on this annoying problem will be appreciated. Thanks.

You are part of an unfortunate minority. It is eventually outgrown when your hormones stabilize.

Young man, it is normal…when I was 15 i started to get major lumps under my nipples and I was freaked out, went to the doctors and everything…man it was painful though,very sensitive to the touch…however, this is just a normal occurence in young males, it will go away as you mature.

yes it sucks, but actually a large number of boys get gyno in puberty. a few weeks back there was a post about puberty induced gyno on the steroid forum. just do a search under “gyno”, and i think the topic was on anti-estrogens and the effect on puberty induced gyno. hang in there bro your not alone.

I didn’t get big (I’m only 5’10"), but I got it when I was a teenager. It sucks. It’ll probably go away, but for some of us it doesn’t. It usually is small, though, nothing like if you were using steroids.

I was a 5’2 fatass and grew D-cups. This was mainly because I was a fatass and all the testosterone produced by the adrogen receptors in the white adipose tissue aromotased into estrogen. Since then they have shrunk considerably, but not all the way from training and anti-estrogen diet.