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Gynecomastia and Soy, Tribulus?


Helo There,

Due to some hormonal fluxes over the past few years I have been left with a mild case of gynecomastia. I was wondering if taking Whey Protein with small amounts of soy or Letchin could make this any worse.

Would taking things like tribulus to increase testosterone do this as well as taking things that boost natural HGH like GABA have an impact in this condition?



PM professor x (a member on here) and check out his thread on it in the t-cell alpha forum.


Probably the best route.

Anecdotal opinion though, I have found the typical amounts of lecithin in protein powders to be of no concern, but the tribulus product from Biotest did make my gynecomastia slightly worse (I use my boobies as a test/estrogen balance marker), however, when I was taking the 3pill/day dosage of Rez-V (As an anti-aromatase), the problem went away.

Gynecomastia has its uses after all in regards to testing product efficacy :smiley:


Yeah the prof has a sticky in t-cell about gyno. But if I where you I would stay clear of soy all together. Taking tribulus or Gaba shouldn't make it worse. May I ask if this was something that developed during puperty or was this caused by aas without proper PCT?


You found tribulus affected Gyno? wow I had no idea.....that is suprising


Well, if tribulus affects T levels, and I didn't do anything for aromatase, then it would be logical (to me) that my estrogen levels would have risen. (hence why Rez-V seemed to help)

At least we know now that both said Biotest products are legitimate.

But yeah, my 'little fat deposits' turned into god damn pyramids; it was obvious.


This is a fair point, I just didnt think that tribulus would really raise t-levels that much that it would effect aromatase. And agreed on the fact that it proves Biotest products get the Job done.