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Gynecomastia and Lymphoma/ Lymphodema


I have doing research for over 5 years now on the exact science of gynecomastia.

When we eat food this food is transported to our bodies cells to replace the old cells. The old cells are transported out of the body via the adrenal system and lymphatic system. The spleen pumps by pressure of breathing or muscle contractions, as it doesn't have a pump it relies on motion. Without motion the lymph fluid slows to a halt.

Another system responsible for removing the old cells and removing them from the body is the Adrenal System. Which is either or skin via sweat or urination kidneys/ bladder/ etc.

So when someone has gynecomastia its actually an accumulation of dead cells which can't be removed from the body either by lack of sweat or other underlying infectious diseases.

One main point to getting these cells removed or why they aren't moving is because they may be in use by some time of "bad" micro organism which lives in dead cells and causes them to expand.

There are a number of ways to reduce and truly get rid of these excessively bloated lymph nodes. Because inside these lymph nodes is a continuous battle of our immune system fighting and attempting to remove the cells from the body. As I mentioned before there are numberous reasons as to what is occuring but one thing is for sure. Our bodies or all warm blooded mammals on this planet in fact, have what's called "phagocytes". These "phagocytes" are the process of our immune system fighting consuming/ eliminating/ and annihilating these "bad" micro organisms. Our "Phagocytes" can consume and eliminate even the toughest micro organisms including "Toxoplasma Gondii" from being around cats. The "Toxoplasma Gondii" and "Malaria" for instance live in our cells and breed in our cells. They both create cysts which mimic lymph nodes to protect them selves from our immune system. A cysts in our body can be felt if large enough and may harbor well over a billion micro parasites.

Here's a neat video showing our "Beastly Tough As Nails" "Phagocyte" tearing up several Toxoplasma critters which come from cats.

Anyway so with processes in mind like "Phagocytosis" as well as other processes like "Apoptosis" among others. The process of eliminating the cause directly without Medications and other things. Another MicroBiological study I read clarified "Androgen" hormones reduce the amount of "Phagocytes" in our blood. Rather than reducing them, the phagocyte has an androgen receptor that will causes androgen hormones to bind to them deactivating them. This is important for a women to have a successful egg development etc for life.

So one more thing to think about is "Phagocytosis" requires the use of "Reactive Oxygen Species" because these "Reactive Oxygen Species" kill/ consume/ eliminate "bad" micro organisms. Reactive oxygen species in Biology and Science just a simple "water" molecule and an "oxygen" molecule which when bound scientifically create "h2o2". Water in itself has no combustible attributes, yet once the "oxygen" is bound to "water" the molecule now becomes combustible.

Now we know how powerful "h2o2" is because it's being used by our bodies immune system already. In fact all warm blooded mammals as well as many other species phlyums have the presence of "reactive oxygen species" to aid in proper ideal health and well being. Reactive Oxygen Species and Phagocytosis are two that work together and without one the process cannot complete in an ideal manor.

Basically now I'm to the point. From what we understand now about the science of why Gynecomastia is really just Lymphodema/ Lymphoma.

How do we get rid of Gynecomastia?

Since there are minimal studies and most it all relies on our Pharmaceutical Companies who do what better than anything else they do? MAKE MONEY.

Here's something about "Reactive Oxygen Species".

With use of Reactive Oxygen Species and Phagocytosis these two will work together to even kill so-called "healthy" human cells which are actually infected with a micro organism parasite. When that happens the cell may appear healthy but once that cells reaches our tissues it doesn't do us any good. But rather does us harm, so it must be killed and carried out as waste via the lymph system/ adrenal system (Sweat, Urine).

So we know we have gynecomastia and why isn't it going away? It's a number of things but the primary things are lack of significant sweat activity in the area. As well as too much "Sugar" in the blood which gets carried to the congested area and "Feeds" the organisms that reside in the area.

That explains why when you drink soda and sugary drinks the gynecomastia tissue swells. If you were to go a month without soda and ultra sugary drinks and only organic juices smoothies, NO TAP WATER, and only drinking Distilled water. The tissue swelling goes down completely! That tells us we know what we need to avoid to keep swelling down. At that point its important to lose weight, and with my experience I had to stop eating meat and go vegan. Weight loss came automatically. I'm not telling anyone to go vegan but this is something to consider. This guy in this video is not me and I'm not a "vegan douche" like this guy. I say do what makes you happy and if meat makes you happy then I'm not going to tell you to do anything you don't want to. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUCTfSKtRms

Anyway in regards to reactive oxygen species, I was thinking of what would really work! A true solution but needs to be precisely safely and carefully! Gynecomastia as we know doesn't go away no matter what we do for no matter how many years.

Injecting Reactive Oxygen Species into the Gynecomastia tissue

1) syringe (ultra clean and made sure to be 100% sterile).
2) clean site with 91% alcohol and let dry.
3) feel where the tissues is most dense.
4) inject an ULTRA tiny amount of the tissue. We are talking 0.050cc of h2o2.

This is only experimental but science explains it all and it's just like supplementing h2o2 directly at the site of where it's needed most. This way our phagocytes don't need to kill or consume the devastated bloated lymphodes/ but rather it can easily send them off to the adrenals to leave our body! In short time literally it should all be completely gone. As long as your exercising stimulating your lymph flow and injecting very tiny amount of h2o2 in the site.

I'm not trolling or anything just sharing my knowledge and experience.



this can be seen as giving dangerous or fallacious medical advice unless you have a degree in BIOLOGY or biochemistry you probably do not fully understand what you are discussing.


So other than using Google, what is your experience?


Well, science doesn't actually work that way. What you have is a hypothesis and experimental procedure. Science actually calls for testing out the hypothesis, and for the procedure to be repeatable. If you have actually tried this on yourself successfully, that's a start.

FWIW, increased cellular oxygenation is very good at fighting off a number of diseases. You might want to take a look at some of the Soviet research on the subject by Dr. Konstantin Buteyko, Dr. Sergey Zinatulin and Vladimir Frolov.


I have studied micro biological science at University Of Missouri. However the degree doesn't teach you everything I know, nor did I learn a whole lot. Sure we learn about the Phymlum Apicomplexa but I feel if I would have went to Penn State and had David Roos as my professor I would have learned a lot more. In Missouri it seems they are more interested in making a lot of money than teaching in a way for students to become passionate about what they're learning. Because when it comes down to it, Passion drives interest and becomes knowledge.

Phylum Apicomplexa is much more vast for us to understand or even be aware of it's nearly unlimited potential. For instance with the introduction of computers and the use of the "Electron Microscope" we are now able to understand 10 micron sized organisms and below. For instance Toxoplasma Gondii is found in all warm blooded mammals on the entire planet. What's interesting is when we think of organisms like this and to understand them we need to take a step back in history to well before dinosaurs. These microscopic organisms inhabited the earth before evolution began with large or even small mammals. These tiny organisms lived within these mammals millions of years ago just like they do today.

Science is 99.9% of the time over looked in Medicine in today's society. For instance a doctor will do blood tests and determine a hormone is low. At that point in a Micro Biologists mind they would say well lets take a closer look at the cells within the blood determine what's going on at this level. Blood tests are done in a primitive manor and don't look any deeper than merely the surface. We see the thyroid hormone is low so lets feed you "synthetic" thyroid hormone and you will be all better, the doctor says. We say sure why not? Because why? We are lead to believe "doctors know all". What needs to change in Medicine is to get our governments eyes off the green $$$ and focus on the objective.

Medicine practice needs to tightly inner wound with biology. A Medical Doctor should not only be majored or have a Phd in Medicine but also biology. Because without a extremely firm grasp on the vastness of biological sciences how are they going to solve the objective? They aren't. We need more biologists in all states/ cities in the USA at Laboratories that specialize in infectious disease and organisms.

Believe it or not a Mosquito bite can affect your lymphatic system in ways we are not taught in no matter how many years of college. David Roos may be able to give a week long lecture on how Mosquitoes and black flies affect our or all mammalian lymphatic systems. We are brought up and wound up in society that we forget or are brain washed to believe we are superior creatures. Or that we are not animals at all, we are humans and we are nearly invulnerable to all. Or that our bodies are different than for instance a dog, or a cat, or a cow.

When it comes down to the science of it all our cells when compared to any other mammal are exactly the same. Our same cells can become infected with the exact same thing another mammal could become or is infected with. All mammals on the planet are infected with something but that's how the tree of life works, to allow life to go on. We will find that toxoplasma gondii will be found in the mammalian cells of a cat, dog, horse, pig, goat, and human. It's only up to the trained biologist with a Computer "electron micrograph/ microscope" to identify the invasion on the cellular level.

So back to the original post about how "Reactive Oxygen Species" will aid Gynecomastia directly. Not only "Reactive Oxygen Species" but there have been studies in countries like Russia, India, Italy in regards to the effects of microscopic Ionized silver particles in mammalian cells. Most studies are done in Vitro because even in 2013, we don't have the technology to observe the direct action in our cells in our bodies. Because if ingested there are enzymes/ chemical processes and actions that occur that reduce the potency at the cellular level. Ionized oxygenated silver particles are documented 100% of the time in Vitro to kill all known micro organisms/ viruses/ bacteria in vitro.

It's effective against all organisms which are resistant to antibiotics that Pharmaceutical companies keep forking out. You won't find much information from with in the USA about methods that go against the "treat the symptom" continue to take pharmaceutical drugs for the rest of your life approach. Because when we think about what Medicine and Pharmaceutical companies are better at than anything else is, you guessed it "making $$$". When we sit back and look at the big picture what are doctors really good at more than anything else? Guaranteeing your continued visits and continued refills on your pharmaceutical drugs. Which do what for you again? Treat your symptoms.

When we introduce or "Supplement" something our bodies require to guarantee optimum cellular health. We boost our immune system and automatically increase the level of "Phagocytes" in our blood. Just an fyi there is a difference between an active Phagocyte and an inactive Phagocyte. Phagocytes are what our immune system use to consume/ destroy/ or eliminate bad things in every single cell in our body (which is billions upon billions). An inactive Phagocyte becomes inactive from a number of different reasons but one main Reason is "Androgen Hormones" ie "Testosterone/ Estrogen/ Progesterone" (As long as the Testosterone/ Estrogen/ Progesterone) isn't bound to a "Sex Hormone Binding Globulin".

Sex hormone binding globulin binds to androgen hormones to mark them as "inactive" this allows "Phagocytes" to be free to be used in the cells of our body. The same applies to Sex Hormone Binding Globulin and Androgen Hormones, when the SHBG binds to androgens or is unbound. The androgen hormone is free to be used by the billions of cells in our bodies. SHBG is primarily active in the greater extent when the bodies Immune system is like hey slow down buddy, we need phagocytes to devastate these bad organisms which are infecting our cells before the androgen is sent to cells which are infected which would then cause more harm than good.

Our immune systems are looking out for us but in todays society our immune systems are under a constant extremely heavy load. Which causes our body to work over time because it's fighting these new breeds of mutant organisms that have quickly evolved to resistance to our Antibiotics.

Ingestion of Ionized microscopic silver particles when the particle count is very high meaning 100 parts per million will not yield Argyria. Argyria comes from home use of the creation of the silver particle water by using too large of particles that are too large for our body to remove as well as with the use of Tap water. Tap water interacts with the creation of the microscopic silver particles and mutates the silver particle to as well make it un-removable from the bodies cells. With the use of only 100% pure Distilled Water and 50-100+ Parts per million will yield huge changes in your health in a matter of minutes or hours.

I know because I tried it and after having a presistant gum infection for over 3 continous months of heavy effort in extensive dental hygiene. It was COMPLETELY gone over night and I felt better than I had ever felt in my entire life. Not only that but my gynecomastia swelling went down completely. It did not disappear, it just ceased to swell and was 100 times more comfortable.

To complete this long post I have used the injection of a very tiny amount of h2o2 and colloidal silver in the effected area and within minutes the swelling went away completely. You want to avoid air bubbles etc/ etc and can be dangerous if not done with the utmost respect to understanding what you are doing exactly. Puffy nipples goes away but once it's injected it kills the infected cells in the tissue. These dead infected cells are consumed by Phagocytes that then carry them out of the body via the adrenals.

So to make true progress your going to need to make sure your sweating like crazy and excreting the dead cells out of the body. It's interesting how it swells and is incredibly uncomfortable at times, and its caused by the immune systems response to fight what's causing it in the first place. A doctor will never tell you what's wrong. Because the only way they could determine the exact reason is take a biopsy of the tissue and a blood sample of the tissue and have it examined. The person that would have to be required to examine the sample is trained personnel in the field of electron micrograph "parasitology" or "infectious disease".

Because a standard physician won't be able to tell the difference between standard activity within the cells of the tissue, and abnormal activity within the cells of the tissue. It's not easy to determine what exact organism is causing it because a single Toxoplasma is 10 times small than 1 single human mammalian cell.


I stopped reading at this point, because either

A: you've so over simplified our immune system and waste disposal as to make the explanation completely wrong.
B: You have no idea what you are talking about.

Examples: The spleen filters blood, the lymphatic system drains into the subclavian veins. You are correct that lymph does drain mostly passively.
Whole cells aren't simply filtered out of the body, they die via either apoptosis (programed cell death) or necrosis (not so planned cell death).

I can't believe I've written this much


Nothing I said was incorrect. If your interested to know more about the lymphatic system.

You questioned if "I don't understand, or Don't know what I'm talking about?"

Which is it? Just state what I have said is incorrect and I can explain, no problem bro. Yes I know all about programmed cell death but it is irrelevant really because it's just a process within any .osis process.

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