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Gynecomastia and HRT


I am on doctor prescribed HRT using cypionate at a dose of 200mg every 4 weeks. I have had gynecomastia in the past from steroid use and had liposuction about 5 years ago to remove it. In the 6 weeks I have been Cypionate my gyno has come back.

Should I directly ask my doctor for anything as an anti-e or should I just let her make the suggestion? Would a different form of test be better for less conversion to estrogen?

The underlying cause of my low test levels is an idiopathic pituitary gland, very very low LH and FSH.


I thought that if gyno was removed it couldnt come back? Also, I could be wrong but im not understanding the 200mg e4w dosage. That raises a half life issue for me. And if I felt I was getting gyno I wouldnt waste any time, id ask her now.


no people have removed gyno like 5 times and it still comes back.


I do have an appointment on the 23rd of March and need to have bloodwork drawn on the 16th. I was curious as to what to ask for or if I should "ask" for anything. I can order Clomid myself but if insurance will pay for it, all the better for me. I know that 200mg e4w is an extremely low dose but maybe I am extremely sensitive.


well personally if I was running hrt, I would mix in a little masteron, or proviron, to deal with the estrogen, yet still keep the test levels up.

Your Doctor may decide however to lower your dose if it is aromatizing too much, Keep that in mind when you speak with her.