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Gyms that Suck


So I went to this gym today and there were 3 things wrong. Three major things although if the first two were right it could make up for the lack of the third.

  1. Dumbbells only go up to 100 pounds. What the hell? I cant get a heavy workout with those, whether im doing shoulders, chest, or back. At least 125....at least!!! When im bench pressing, 100 pound dbs are my warm up weight. Theyre ok for shoulder presses, I can make it work. For rows, no way jose!

  2. They are very strict against using chalk. Other gyms ive been to had rules against using chalk, but they were never enforced. I deadlifted in my own little corner and used all the chalk I could stand. Not so here. I was immediatley approached about not using chalk and was constantly watched the whole time I was in there to make sure I didnt use any. Apparently they dont have a mop (well go buy one im certain theyre not that expensive) and dont want to clean up the chalk, but I dont even make a mess with the chalk .

  3. The lack of women. Yeah I do enjoy looking at the females while I workout. At the HP gym there usually are alot of females working out there due to the strip club next door. Strippers have to stay in shape. At this particular gym they were nill to none, but a few cute ladies did come in as I was making my exit.

Point is, I would never spend my money to get a membership there. One of the best gyms I ever been to was this little gym in Taylor, MI. For those of you unfamiliar with metro Detroit, Taylor is a little town about 30 minutes south of Detroit. They had dbs up to 150 pounds, although I did see a 180 pound db, I dont know where the other one was. It had a special room for powerlifters. Incline, decline and flat benches. Very hardcore atmosphere. And the membership was excessively cheap. The only reason I dont go there is because its kind of far away from where I stay.

Any one else have a similar story?


I got one. How about threads that suck? Stop bitching and drive a little further for the "hardcore" gym, so you can pound out those 140DBs for reps. I thought you were broke.. That excessively cheap membership would benefit you.. no?


This was about a year ago i went to this gym. The gym i was at had dbs up to 150 pounds. Im talking about a new gym I visited today.


not if it costs more in gas... then it'd be about the same if not more than the membership at a closer gym. in other words it'd be cheaper to go to a place that's closer if I'm not mistaken? my gym cost me 162$ up front but no monthly fee, although the catch is that I'm an add on to my brothers account so if he stops his member ship I lose mine or just take over his 10$ a month fee (oh no).

PS you're bitching about someone else bitching.


LOL. x2


yeah i have a similar story


Cool story bro


Wait, why in the hell did you ever leave a gym that was next to a strip club? Get your ass back there and post some pics!


I moved home from college a couple of weeks ago. I hit up the gym in the neighboring town yesterday with my friend because he wants to start working out. I died a little inside when I got there.

No squat rack...just some ridiculous weight balanced smith machine...
DB's up to 80...not a big problem for me yet, but still...
A fuckin' ridiculous flat bench press, along with some random other benches, however there is no incline or decline bench...so yeah...
All this is crammed into a room smaller then my bedroom.

I was explaining to my friend how to bench press and some random guy asked, "Are you doing triceps?"
"Well we're just doing a flat bench..."
"Oh...if your doing triceps you should put your hands closer together."
"Uuummmm, thanks?"

This gym sucks.


clip11 wants a strip club surrounding his weight area filled with 300lb dbs and everything is covered in a thick layer of chalk, including the strippers. for better grip


it's probably a T-Nation poster from 09


Here's some of the typical stuff I see at my 24Hour affiliate in Taiwan.
I really don't have anywhere else to go...so pity me!

This is the nutbar woman that truns the treadmill on to 1.0 KPH and does DDR.

This is what the mess of a gym looks and sounds like at 7AM on a Monday. Like a horrible club at 3AM

This guy does this every bloody time he's at the gym.


There are many, MANY similar stories posted right in this thread right here:


It's an amazing thread with a lot of stories EXACTLY like yours clip. Imagine that, someone actually had the same experience as you did AND made a post about that became SOOO popular that it reached the designated maximum number of posts and a second one was created. What a concept.

Seriously dude, your experience doesn't warrant a new fucking thread. Put it where it belongs.

Some people's kids, it's like he's new or something...


Perfect example of the more massive similar thread:

This guy posted the exact same videos in the other thread...


You following me? You following me?


And don't call me "This guy". I'm Nards damnit.

Perhaps you could guide us to the thread where we're curing cancer. It's the inetrnet and it's a thread about shitty gyms.


That is 1000x more awesome than regular walking on a treadmill. I bet she's wild in the sack.


Check this guy out ...


hahahah. I agree. 40sec in is the best tho!

sorry polo for keeping it going, but first time I have seen this gem..


Haha, funny stuff, especially the crazy (in a non offensive way) girl