Gyms on the moon

I went there last year, my high jump improved lots! I was slam dunking on an 80 ft basketball hoop, take that Jordan! Plus my lung power really improved from trying to breath in a vacuum, it’s really hard! I also beat my all time 1RM of 20 pounds on squats, oh did I mention that I’m a smurf?

I think some of you guys left your sense of humor on the moon…

I just got done eating breakfast & I’m nice & full. I had oatmeal with wheat germ, raisins & a little honey. Yesterday I got heat stroke in the sun & still feel light-headed this morning. I’ll talk to ya later, gator! :slight_smile:

It’s 3:48 p.m. and cloudy in Minnesota right now

Gyms on the moon will have problems with free weights. Although the plates will be lighter, they will still have the same mass and inertia, so when you do plyometrics you will squat your way through the roof of your biodome and into space. The only way to save yourself will be to reverse position and jump off of the bar towards the surface, as the the bar takes off for the Andromeda galaxy. The cost of lost equipment will drive up membership dues, as will the repair of the dome. Better to go to Jupiter, with it’s 15x gravity. you can use 3 lb plates instead of 45s and your 300 lb oly set can fit in a gym bag. You can set a powerlifting record with a 150 lb total! On the down side, you balls will weigh 20 lbs each and will drag the ground, as will your old lady’s tits.

and all these times you said you never inhaled…

I hear moon pies have a secret anabolic ingriedient to make you huge.

I cant believe this is on here. To those you have said “where your sense of humor”, i dont think this is funny either. I laugh all the time, but when i come here, i dont want to see crap like this. And you people are entertained by this? Grow up! Sense of humor for maybe a little kid.

On your way, can you beat the crap out of that guy from N’SYNC who is doing some video shoot in outer space?


Your really Lance Bass aren’t you??? :slight_smile:

I believe I will be spending eternity in HELL soon enough! I guess I should thinking about a gym there! Anyone know of any good one’s? LOL! P.S. I agree that this should be in the off-topic section, but it IS funny!

Mom was wrong – Jesus doesn’t love us.

Christ, Jesus…lighten up.

Shut up

I think this is kind of a statement about stupid questuions posted by newbies. How is this any worse than the guy that asked if he would be allright eating pizza and fast food for his 6 daily meals. Or the numerous “I need to get as buff as possible as fast as possible! Please tell me how!” type questions that pop up almost every week. WTF, I don’t care if newbies post stupid questions, it’s a public forum, but as that goes the rest of the public that actually puts effort into this lifestyle are bound to flame em up. So I think Drax was just trying to experience things from a stupid newbie point of view, in an effort to understand them better.

I have nothing to say, but as a newbie I will use this waste of space (since the regulars don’t mind this one) to ask how to get hyooooge!!! I want to to be swole-up! Big or die! Live short and Live large! And get enough fiber!

MC, bro, you gonna fit in just fine 'round these parts.

“MBE: The legacy of lunacy posts on…since the dawn of time.”


Its funny how long this thread is and the different paths it has meandered.


come on, drax is the villain from Moonraker

Perhaps not the best bond film but a bond film nonetheless. Somebody should have picked up on this by now.

Please. Let. This. Thread. Die.