Gyms on the moon

I’m going to the moon in a couple weeks & I’m looking for a hardcore gym in that area. Can anyone help me out?

Their is only one, but its fairly hard to get in considering the talking monkeys and their attitude.

the cool thing about gyms on the moon is that due to the lesser gravity you can really slap on those 45 plates onto the bar and look really kewl impressing the ladies.

Drax, You are an Idiot.

What kind of drugs are you on, boy?

Neato! If you find one, Lance, can you imagine how much you’ll be able to bench? Just think of all the bragging rights you’ll have back here on Earth!

Good news is that by the time you get back we’ll still be wiating for GROW Bars. Lata.

“MBE: Patterson, ship 'em out already, since…now.”


You might have to give up hard core lifting and take up golf - I hear they have a driving range on the moon.

moon squats are the best.easy to do a ton or more rock bottom.

Let me go with ya…

There’s a few good gyms but not hardcore. There’s a bunch of dork martians always curling in the squat racks, you can’t use chalk, and you can’t play any hardcore tunes. Bunch of damn ET fags.

Not sure about the moon, but know a few on Uranus. :wink:

Yeah, it would be cool to bench more than 100 lbs for once, wouldnt it Drax? :slight_smile:

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I’ll keep it going…

it amazes me on what space gets wasted on this website, and what good information/questions never makes it. mods need to stick ony relavent stuff on here, leave the B.S. on the “off-topic” forum.

Let’s see…with 1/6 Earth’s gravity on the moon, hmmm…you’ll be benching 650 easy!