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Gyms not health clubs

In less than a month I’m moving from Cardiff to London. Does anyone know of/go to a good gym (olympic bars, plates, good floor for Olympic lifts, high ceiling for snatch - i’m 6’5" etc) in Angel/Islington, London?

Please help, the thought of having to sort out accomodation let alone the thought of missing out on the gym is giving me a heart attack.

All I can find on the web is a list of health clubs.

Get a Yellow Pages.

Dunno if there’s one or several for London mind.

Interesting. I just made good friends with a guy from that Cardiff. But I can’t answer your question, unfortunately.

I think there’s some people in the Powerlifting forum who train Westside in the UK

There are good gyms in London but finding them is hard - like you say there are loads of “health clubs”. I’m not sure about Angel/Islington but there is an excellent bodybuilding/powerlitling gym in Battersea called Yorkies. Also there are some good gyms in East london. If you specifically want Angel/Islington I’d call Yorkies etc and ask them - they’re most likely to know.

Thank you all for your contributions, particularly will-of-iron.

I appreciate it.

Also try this: