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Gyms North Shore MA


I am planning on wrestling D1 in college and was looking for serious gyms i can train at. I am going to be a junior in highschool. I train the same way most powerlifters do. I no longer have a place to train and i am struggling to find a gym that even has enough plates. I live near Danvers Ma. Please let me know if you have any ideas where i should go.


TPS in Everett http://www.totalperformancesports.com/

Olympia Barbell in Wakefield http://www.olympiabarbell.com/videos.htm

Gym Warriors in Peabody.


Thanks danjo. I actually went to Gym Warriors to check it out earlier. It was a big improvement from the gyms i look at before i started the thread.


They've held a few unsanctioned powerlifting meets there the past couple of years. An athlete of mine, when I worked at Curry College, used to train there and still may. He does strong man comps.