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Gyms Near Reston VA?


Anybody have a gym they could recommend near Reston, VA? I'm looking for a switch from my current gym anyway. I work in the Reston area and am thinking about switching to a gym out here so that I can lift while traffic eases up.

Right now I work out in DC and I'm finding that sitting in traffic for an hour is brutal on the ol' motivation. Someplace that doesn't get too crowded would be ideal.


How far are you willing to travel from Reston?


[quote]coolnatedawg wrote:
How far are you willing to travel from Reston?[/quote]
Which direction? I live in DC so if a gym is a lot further west, it would make going home in the evenings and getting there on weekends tougher. I’m pretty flexible though, especially for a solid gym.


Rockville Fitness is extremely legit.


It is not a franchise so there is only one location that I know of. But all the serious bb and pl people in the area tend to use that gym. Depending on where you are in DC it may not be that far. 355 Is two minutes away and once you hop on there its like 15 minutes from bethesda and 20ish from DC.


Yea, that’s probably good. I’ve heard amazing things about the Colliseum in Columbia MD as well. Also, if you are into CrossFit stuff there is an amazing gym (I’m saying that as a non-crossfitter) in Ashburn VA. They’ve got tires, GHRs, crazy amounts of different bars and platforms. I love that place but at this juncture I don’t need to drop the extra $.