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Gyms in Washington DC

Hey guys,
I have been searching online and have called a few places and found some potential gyms, but I was wondering if any of you knew of any gyms conducive to heavy lifting/bodybuilding etc. Im not expecting a hardcore gym, just one that has a good amount of equipment and has a good atmosphere for lifting. I will be working in DC as an intern and will not have a car either so public transportation is it.
Thanks guys

Golds Gym Vanness DC. 50 feet from the Metro. 4310 Connecticut Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20008

Is it a good golds? Like how much equiptment do they have? Racks, hammer strength? Etc? Thanks!

5 racks, 10-15 hammer strength machines, lots of cables with various attachments,lots of new machines and equipment just recently updated. oh yeah, if you do cardio they have a nice cardio movie room!

Damn, that sounds sick. I will be taking the metro to work every day. I will definitely check this gym out the day I get down there. Thanks man!!

I’ve been a member of Golds Van Ness since it opened. It has two Squat racks and two Smith Machines. I don’t know where the “5 racks” number comes from, unless Black Prince is referring to flat and incline benches. For some reason, it doesn’thave the great Hammer Hi or Lo Rows, but it has a number of other Hammer machines and a good array of new and old selectorized equipment, as well as some Free Motion style machines.

It’s got a couple of 45 degree leg presses, an old (but really nice) vertical leg press (where you lie on your back), and a hack slide machine. It’s got a good array of dumbbells, some fixed weight barbells and ez curl bars, an adequate number of olympic bars and benches, some new kettlebells, adequate pulley stations, and a pretty good atmosphere.

On the whole, it’s okay for lifting. (It is, however, pretty bad for deadlifting because its floor is uneven and sucks.) Overall, it’s a decent, reasonably priced gym. The treadmills are in varying condition. There are better gyms – and, in fact, better Golds gyms – in the area, but if it’s in your neighborhood, it’s okay.

Check it out in person - I go to Van Ness sometimes (close to house, not to work) - and by my count there are 2 power racks (at most 3, I go there rarely).

I only go there friday/saturday mornings and they are hardly ever used then though. Next to my work, the Capitol Hill Gold’s has 3 power racks. The one in Clarendon has 2 (last time I checked, a year ago-ish). So the Gold’s around here are mostly OK - any DC gym is mad expensive, Gold’s is the cheapest (by a small amount) and have a lot of gyms right near metro stops. Make sure you check it out before you sign up though.

Also there is a chain of “Washington Sports Club” gyms that are generally only a bit more expensive, have less strength equipment but also far fewer weightlifters to compete with.

The Fitness First in Arlington is a good spot as well. There are 2 or 3 racks, 3 flat benches, 1 incline, dumb bells up to 150 (I believe) and an olympic/deadlift platform. There are a number of military personnel and defense contractors that work out there and there’s a core group of guys that are moving some pretty good weight. It’s about 2 blocks from the Courthouse metro on the orange line, so if you’re down that way it’s really convenient. The price is right, too; my membership is $30 a month.

There are other Fitness First gyms in the area, but I haven’t been in any of them to compare the equipment and atmosphere, but I’m guessing they are pretty similar. That being said, I’m interested to hear gyms other people know of in the area.

Fitness first sounds intriguing as I am living in Arlington. It would be convenient if I had a gym that was within walking distance or just a short ride on the Metro.