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Gyms in Tulsa?!


Hey everyone! I'm moving to tulsa in May, and I'm heading there in a couple weeks to check everything out. First on my list...find a good gym! I train hard and have been training for about a decade now...so my expectations of a good gym are pretty high. Please tell me there's a GOOD gym that isn't a social club and and focus's on training hard! Thanks in advance!


No one? I hope that’s not a sign…:grin:


I don’t live there but I believe there’s a Golds Gym in Tulsa. Usually they have a lot of good equipment and would be your best choice if you don’t find anything else in the area. You could always call around to some of the smaller local gyms and ask them about their equipment if you’re looking for something specific.

Good luck with your move and I hope you find a good gym!


Try symmetry gym. It’s on 71st between Sheridan and memorial. Or bodymasters on 101st and memorial


I’d go with bodymasters


I agree, Golds is always a decent go-to. I looked online and apparently there are a few of those in the area. Thanks :slight_smile:


I’ve heard of Symmetry gym…that one was recommended by someone else, also. Bodymasters? I’ll have to research that one. Thanks for the feedback everyone.


I went to the Southtown YMCA at 101st and Yale while visiting Tulsa last week. I wasn’t overly impressed, but they had one squat rack, so I did what I needed to do.

As with most big cities, the Y has several locations around town. You might want to peek inside each one and see if they could work for you. Some YMCAs suck while others are decent, it’s just kind of a toss up. Good luck.


Necro post here.

Check out the HUB in BA some time too. The cover the range from a meditative yoga class through to just a decent free weight room.