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Gyms in Toronto?


Hi everybody,

could anyone point me in the right direction here?

ideally, i'm looking for:

-a place with heaps of heavy free weights

-a place where i could snatch and clean properly (facilities)

-a place friendly enough so that i could socialize with people of my age range (25-30). i know no one in town.

-a place open 24/7 (or with a decent opening hours policy)

-a place not too expensive, not too cheap

-although i'm not sure it means anything in toronto, but a place preferably located in the CBD/downtown/central city

ideally, i'd like to come up with a short list of decent gyms that i could check out once i'm there.

thanks in advance for your help.


try Trainers Fitness. Bloor and Bathurst, on Bathurst just South of Bloor.





U of T has a platform. Hours/prices are better than Trainers too. Sometimes it gets fairly busy though. Usually around midday.

Rumour has it that there is a nice gym out in Mississauga. Too far for me personally.


You should also check out The Training Room on Carlaw at Lakeshore in the east end.


I sent you a PM with some info, let me know if it went through.



Where are the gyms in mississauga that people are hinting at?

I'm currently deciding between a home setup and just using utm gym. The thing is I have a better rack but they have more weight, plus machines and stuff.


Hey bro, I go to the U of T gym. What time do you typically go at?


Im usually in early (7am) or I have to suck it up and get my workout in around 3pm.


We must have run into eachother numerous times, I work out daily at 3pm. Intersting


Same here.


On what others wrote:
I'm usually there around 1-2.