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gyms in Toronto

I am looking for a good GYM, not some franchised chain of health clubs where the manager comes running out bitching and moaning the moment they see some chalk dust.
I am in the Toronto, Ontario area. If anyone out there knows of a good gym with progressive liberal management and inhabited by other like minded T-folks, I would truly appreciate your help.


I live in TO as well and have trained at several crappy franchise gyms (such as Bally’s and Super Fitness). The thing that pisses me off the most about these clubs is the “negative billing” where they automatically re-enroll you after your year is up. Also, they are both over crowded with shitty equipment.
My wife and I just joined Premier Fitness and I so far I am extremly pleased. We got 2 memberships for a year for $500. The staff know what they are talking about. I saw one personal trainer wearing a Biotest shirt recently and spoke him about T-mag and Mag-10.
After a year at Premier, you go month to month and can cancel with 20 days notice. I am impressed by the clubs management and equipment so far.

I’m certainly not trying to promote other sites but There is a guy named Craig Ballantyne ('m not sure if I spelled his last name right) whos a CSCS and he lifts in Toronto and I guarantee its not at Ballys. If you just post the name Craig-Gyns in Toronto he’ll prob hook you up. Just incase you dont get anyone here.