Gyms in the SanFran/Oakland area

I am going to be heading out to cali with a buddy in early April so he can see his mom…but i was hoping to hit up the gym at least once or twice during the week we are out there…what are some of the best facilities i could pay for a day etc. etc.?
Please let me know…Trip is April 3-10

Where in the Bay Area are you headed? If your in Mountain View (South Bay), there is a Gold’s Gym that is well stocked. Unfortunatly, I train at 24hr Fitness. Not the worst place, but I just have to avoid the crowds. If you’re up near San Francisco/Oakland, I can’t help you much, but if your closer to the South Bay, I could keep my eye out for a 10 ten pass to 24Hr fitness or something like that.

I know that typically, Gold’s Gyms have a reasonable visitor fee and there is one in the downtown San Fran area ( - go to Gym Locator, the San Francisco zip code is 94104, I believe). I worked out at a Golds while there back in '97, but I don’t know if it’s been taken over by gasp 24Hour Fitness. Oh and another site to check out is: ,the internet yellow pages. By doing a search for the San Fran area (using “gym” as the business search word), a huge list of gyms was brought up. I hope this helps. How I love that city (where I was born)…

Will you be in SF or Oakland (east bay) BIG difference traffic wise! There is a Golds on Grand Ave in Oakland ask for a one day pass.

There are 24 hr fitnesses everywhere in the Bay. Go to for a club locator. The “Sport” or “Sporting” clubs are better equipped. Use your buddy’s local address and ask for a free 10 day pass. You’ll have to listen to the sales pitch the first time. The one in San Ramon (20 minutes from Oakland) is worth the drive for the fake boobs, plus it’s at least 50,000 sq ft. There is also a World in downtown SF; last time I went, it had a large gay percentage (not that there is anything wrong with that).

I would just go to 24 Hour Fitness. Reason being they’re everywhere, and the ones I’ve been to are fairly well equiped. Just make sure to miss the crowds, or you might have to punk some guy for his squat rack.

Watch out for the fags! Also, don’t get in the AIDS pool (oh, I mean the hot tub).

Seriously, I was out there last year for a four-day weekend. It’s a great place to visit, except for all the homos. I trained at a 24-hour Fitness (convenient location). There are plenty of gyms around – just make sure you do stiff-leg deadlifts against a wall, or have your buddy watch your back!