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Gyms in the Philly Area


Im moving to the philly area soon not sure where. what are the good gyms?


How far are you willing to drive? What kind of gym are you looking for?

Your not giving us too much (none) info to go on, especially if you don't even know which part you're moving to.



Probably northeast philly area I still need to find a job and an apartment so I'm not too sure on the location, Im looking for a quality gym with good people not commercial gym with tons of people who don't know how to lift, I'm looking to get into mma or boxing as a hobby are there any gyms that incorporate both


That's the type of gym I'm talking about not one littered with machines, just a lot weights benchs and racks, I'm not into any particular style of lifting. I lift cause it's what I love to do I'm not a powerlift but I always go heavy I'm not a bodybuilder but I do alot of accessory work too.



If you want to find a gym, don't go asking in a forum, use google ffs.


Power House in the Northeast is the best gym I've trained at (only trained at a few gyms). It's very power lifter and bodybuilder friendly. All the equipment is old but in good working condition, they have mixed sets of plates throughout which can be a pain in the ass. Not super clean.

But if you're looking for a great atmosphere to lift weights with a lot of very big, very strong guys, this is the place I'd recommend. (no mma or boxing, though)


Iron Sport Gym....there is only one choice.






See Second post, sir :slightly_smiling:


I was in total agreement my good man!


Ill be on the complete opposite side of the city from IS though, Ill be north east




do you know any places hiring for finance lol that's my main priority


Sorry bro...try Monster, Linkedin, Careerbuilder and ZipRecruiter.

That should give you a good idea.