Gyms in Thailand

I’m looking at going to Thailand for 2-3 months at the end of the year to train MT and I’ve been looking at probably going north as it’s about 1/3 the price. So Pai or Chiang Mai.

In Pai I really like the sound of Bees gym, callled Charn Chai (Bee is the head trainer).

In Chiang Mai I like the sound of Hongthong gym, or a little outside of Chiang Mai is a gym called Santai which also seems quite good.

Does anyone have any experience with any of these gyms or any others in the area?

These ones are roughly 30-40k baht for 3 months of training and accommodation whereas gyms in BKK are that much or more just for a month.

I know the training is best in BKK but if I can still get quality training but do it for three months instead of one I’ll take that, but if anyone knows of other quality gyms that are within my budget I’d also love to hear them…

Thanks in advance for any tips or feedback, even if it’s not for something I’ve asked but you think I should know.

Oh and a gym called Chay Yai which is just outside Chiang Mai really interests me too in case anyone can give any feedback on it.

I heard Buakaw moved his gym to Chiang Mai from Bangkok.
If you like to have an airconditioned gym, there is one inside the May shopping mall. People walk by and watch you train when they pass by on their shopping spree.