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Gyms in Taegu, South Korea?

I’m moving to Taegu, South Korea at the beginning of the summer for at least a couple of years and I was wondering if anyone can recommend any gyms out there. Specifically, a gym where someone dressed like the homo in my avatar would not be allowed in under any circumstances at all.

Preferably something with an Oly platform or three, squat racks, all the basic shit. I don’t use machines much at all but I’d like to find a gym with a track of some sort that I can run some short sprints on, something that has boxes, heavy medicine balls, blast straps, a decent selection of dumbbells, some good, stiff foam rollers and a very deadlift-friendly policy. I don’t care about the music as long as they don’t blast it so loud I can hear it through my headphones.

Any and all suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks.