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Gyms in Sweden?

This summer I’m studying abroad in Sigtuna folkh?gskola and my biggest concern is that I won’t be able to find anyplace to train. I know that I am probably being paranoid, but if anyone here could help alleviate my fears…? Does anyone know of any gyms in the area? Thanks in advance.


Try the phone book.

If not in Sigtuna, I am certain you can find something in Maersta, just a few km down the road. Maybe Valsta pool and gym?

Going to Uppsala or Stockholm would work too, its rougly 40 or 50 km.

I would not be to concern with that fear, i grew up in sweden and lived in a town of 10 000 people, just as sigtuna, we had and still have two really good gyms, so it should not be a problem finding one.

Thanks for the replies gentlemen. Uppersala will be a tough place to train because I won’t have a car. I am thinking about taking an olympic bar and some plates with me. One last question, does anyone know if my Metabolic Drive will be taken from me by customs when I enter Sweden? Thanks again.


SWeden sell most of the Biotest supplement so by saying that they would take away the supplement from you i see as absurd!