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Gyms in St. Johns, Newfoundland


Im staying in st.johns till wednesday, im considering doing my B.ed Mus at Memorial university in a few years so im trying to get an idea if i like the town or not. Anyways im wondering if anyone is from St.Johns and knows of any decent gyms around, after a quick google search i didnt find anything that looked very promising. ALSO, if you know what gym FRANK MCGRATH trains at let me know, id like to try to get there.

thanks guys


Yes sir, welcome to the island. Global Gym on Elizabeth Avenue is where you want to be. It is an awesome spot. I loved it in St. John's and I'm going back as soon as I'm done school (currently in NB). Frank also trains there when he is home. Anything else you want to know about the city or surrounding area, I'm your guy to ask. I went to MUN too, FYI. Cheers man


cheers man, im going to try and get there, looks like a bit of a hike from where im staying but im up for it! got most almost all day tomorrow and tuesday to explore.

Does Mun have a decent gym at all? Im actually doing my Undergrad at St.Fx right and the gym there really sucks, however there is a downstairs gym known as the dungeon which is pretty hardcore, although the plates and barbells are old as hell.


Actually MUN put in a brand new gym this year, it would definately be worth checking out. I haven't been there but friends in the area say it's pretty good, but these are mostly just average guys so you would have to judge for yourself. Global isn't dark and dingy (unfortunately) but it has pro style dumbbells up to 125 which is decent, tonnes of benches and plates, HS machines if your into that and 3 or 4 squat racks. I doubt they will even make you pay for a day pass, just go in and tell them you're new to the area and just want to try it out. Good luck man, and make sure you get to George St. before you go!


Thanks so much man,

does global have a lot of serious bodybuilders? from what you say it kind of sounds like a lot like my gym back in PEI right now...one last question, where is the gym that they shot the animal pak frank mcgrath videos, it looked pretty bad ass


There are definately some seriously big dudes there, and they are all for the most part pretty nice and can be helpful provided you're also serious about lifting and arent there to socialize, which (being on this site) I'll assume you're not.

As for the Animal Pak videos, it definately wasn't at Global. I doubt you will see him there if you go, he is rarely home from what I understand. Popeyes on Portugal Cove Rd. usually has something going on there or someone visiting, perhaps you should check that out. Hope this helps dude, and enjoy the city. Any other questions or directions just let me know


By the way if you're ever in the Frederiction area send me a PM, I found a pretty sweet gym here too probably the best one for me so far. It'a alot like Global but with no windows and black everything, it's pretty sweet


Thanks man,

if you're ever In PEI, Atlantic Fitness Centre (AFC) on Garfield street (not the one in downtown ch town) is the place to go. Dumbells up to 150, chalk=allowed...once i was told not to do touch and go style deadlifts because the manager thought it bent the bars, he's kind of stupid, but for the most part anything goes and there are some bigger lifters over there as well


Sounds good. Let me know how you like the city once you have had more of a chance to check it out. Good luck!


X2 on Global Gym. I've been training there for almost two years and it's great. Much more bodybuilding friendly than any other spot in town. It is MUCH better than the new MUN gym as well, and open 24 hrs/day.


Mabbott, good to see another Newfoundlander around here. You have been training there that long perhaps you know a few of my friends out there. Send me a PM if you get a chance


We'll be in Cavandish for vacation this summer, and a trip to Ch-town is in the picture. What do they charge for a day pass, and do they have bumpers?


New MUn gym is gay as fuck. Old mun gym was much better.


No one can drive in that city from my experience. Weather is balls as well. Good hiking though. Tuition is cheap./


they actually don't really have many bumpers, maybe a few but they barley get used

if you wanna deadlift and dont want to take any chance on getting talked to (I mean its doubtfull it will happen, but possible) i reccomend going to the UPEI gym...it has a nice olympic platform and lots of bumpers, however there is a no chalk sign but if you are careful no one will notice...you can make as much noise as you want and no one will say anything.

as far as a day pass at AFC, id say itd be around 10 dollars, same at UPEI probably

hope you enjoy our gentle island...come see play in charlottetown over the weekend! I'll be the bigger guy playing jazz!