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Gyms in Seattle

So I am nice and sick of working out in a silly little commercial gym with a bunch of old people and ignorant personal trainers. Are there any good gyms in the area people would reccomend? I live down in the U district but am willing to travel a bit.

In Seattle I would definetly drop by CrossFit North. It is run by two partners; one of whom was a Navy SEAL and the other a former Marine. Both are great guys and very knowledgable. General conditioning classes are available as well as coaching in Olympic Lifting and Kettlebells.

Their website is:

Yours in Fitness,
Coach Sommer

I used to live in Seattle and worked at the Medical School. If you live in the U district, do you have any ties to the U, as their gym facilites are awesome. There is another great gym that I visited when I was last in Seattle, it is on East Lake, off Lake Union. Can’t remember the name, but if you look in the phone book for a gym on East Lake, that should get you there, and that would be pretty close to you.

i live in seattle. i’ve been to the U’s gym before, and it’s very nice in there, but you have to be a student or have a UW pass to go through.

i used to go to ymca’s gym, but it was pretty crappy. i don’t recommend it.

Depending on your goals, I may go so far as to say there are no good gyms in Seattle. There was a place downtown that actually had an area dedicated to strongman training, but it was bought out by a chain and they went corporate.

If you are just looking for a general fitness place that isn’t too far from where you live, the 24 Hour Fitness downtown on Denny is not all that bad.

If you want an easy going body building gym, Iron Works Gym on Northup Way in Bellevue is an easy drive across the bridge as long as you’re going against traffic or at night.

There is one truly hardcore powerlifting gym, about 20 minutes out of the city, where serious competitive lifters, including state record holders train. They have a glute ham raise, dragging sled, all that sort of stuff you’d never find in a regular gym. They keep a low profile, so I’ll PM you the details.

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There are some very good people here:


The owner is a former olympic athlete and former director of strength training for the mariners.

I forget where this is in relation to you:

2235 5th Avenue (at Bell)

Thanks for the replies gentlemen.