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Gyms In San Jose/Santa Clara?

Can anyone recommend good gyms in the San Jose/Santa Clara area? I will be there November 6-18, staying on Camino Real near 237, spending my days near the airport.

I don’t need strongman equipment, just a good free weights setup. I’d like to pay either daily or weekly.

Also, is there a good nutrition store where I can buy whey isolate protein powder? I don’t want to lug two weeks’ worth on the plane; bringing my blender is bad enough. (I expect TSA will have a fit if they xray that bag.)

Thanks for your help.

Big. Old. Pissed off.

If you are staying near El Camino and 237, you are in Mt. View. That is about 10 miles from the airport. I’m not sure about gyms over there.

In San Jose, there is a Gold’s Gym near the Airport that offers weekly memberships for travellers. I’m not sure of the address though. It is right in downtown.