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Gyms in Richmond VA?

Hey you southern T-Bastards! lol (jk)

I’m going to Richmond for 4-5 days tomorrow and am gonna be needing a place to lift. Any ideas?

I’m staying with a friend who “lifts” (just started) and he said his YMCA will let me deadlift…I’m not “that” sure about if they will let/like me deadlifting there…so I figured I’d ask T-Nation.

It’s not that I’m a jerk when I deadlift (no pun intended); I just don’t use 135lbs and lower it 1"/second yaknow?

How close are you going to be staying to VCU they might let you workout there for a cost.

not sure, should find out then

There is a gold’s on broad street that I trained at once. I’m sure you can locate the address on the gold’s website. It was fine.

College gyms will blow in the afternoon.