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Gyms in Quebec City?


Hi there!

Was just wondering if anyone on here can recommend a good gym in Quebec City to go to? I'm asking because I will be attending Laval University on a school exchange for the first 4 months of next year and the fee for compulsory membership fee (~CAN$350) for using the sports center is really too steep for me as I would be on a budget living there as a student! Aside from this, any tips on food budgeting would be very much appreciated too! Thank you in advance(:



I suggest the Maxi-Forme Fitness, at Lévis (if you have a car). You'll get to train where a certain Christian Thibaudeau works... :wink:


If too far, than look for Mega-Gym


Pretty sure compulsory means you don't get a choice. If it's mandatory to pay for it, might as well make use of it.


I went to Nautilius, was decent for a commercial gym.

Probably pricey for that time period though.

Great City


How good is your French? Mine's excellent, je suis né à Montréal.

Depending on your language skills, you will find the above link either confusing or hilarious.




trop drole :slight_smile:


Canadians are the sexiest people ever, seriously, they are underrated.

oh, and I found it confusing, hilarious, and fucking HOT!


Andy, they just basically made an ad that was a collection of every single gym stereotype you can imagine - the hot barbies, the guys who talk more than train, the guys who take a century at the fountain filling up bottles, etc.


Thank you for the responses guys! The membership fee isn't mandatory, it's just required for me to get a gym add-on so I can use the facilities, so was just wondering if there are any other gyms in the area that are significantly cheaper (say around CAN$250), if not I'd probably have to re-budget and see what I an come up with.

Gosh, stereotype indeed, but I don't understand a word of french :frowning:

And maxi forme fitness seems pretty near to the university! Certainly wouldn't mind the travel if the rates are much cheaper!