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Gyms in Providence, RI?


Hail T-Nation;

Well, fellows, I will be moving to Providence, RI, possibly as soon as one month from today. I'll be living on the East Side, near the Whole Foods, but I've been having one hell of a time finding a good gym in Providence. I know, I just know, that Golds Gym isn't the best this little city has to offer. Surely, one of my fellow citizens of Testosterone Nation can point me in the direction of a gym that values enormous chains over ellipticals, a place that won't even try to keep the chalk out, the kind of place where the radio is NEVER set to mid-90s 'Easy Listening.'

I probably can't find them on Google because they're too busy checking out Iron Woody to update their location. So c'mon, gang, don't make me go to a commercial gym!



Unless things have changed since the last time I was in Providence, your best bet is to head over to Ocean State Gym in Johnston. I never found a gym in Providence itself that satisfied me.


Check out Next Level Fitness in Situate. It's exactly what you're looking for. Probably a 15-20 minute drive.


Hi ,,Call Keith Dennis at Fitness Technologies in North Providece on Mineral spring Ave. . He trains in a town called North Prov 10 mins from East Side . They train hard and heavey.


I'm so glad to be getting the hell outta providence.


X2...This is where i work out. No frills, no glamour just iron. They also offer good strength and conditioning programs for athletes.


that's what i would recommend or gold's in pawtucket about 15 minutes from providence


What kind of hours are these places open? I'll be working kind of wonky hours, so a wide berth is best, or even better, 24-hour access. Is there a big difference between Ocean State and Next Level?


Next Level is somewhat limited. Weekdays 5:30 am to 9:00 pm. Saturdays, 7:00 am to 5:00 pm and Sundays, 7:00 am to 2:00 pm


I train at Next Level also but in Smithfield, RI

It's not "hardcore" by any means....but I love it there. Plenty of iron, pretty low on the douchebaggery scale. Only drawback is that the Bryant University gym stole all our good looking college cardio bunnies


When I lived in Newport, there was a Gold's Gym in New Bedford/Fall River that was owned by a Mr. New England. the dude was yoked and the gym was huge with tons of equipment. Been about 10 years, don't know if it is still there.