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Gyms in Pittsburgh?

X gym, or whatever its called, was recommended to me. Anywhere else to check out?

I lifted at Platinum Gym near Parkway Center Mall (in that lil office park). It seemed decent, and also not very crowded. Don’t know what it’s like now that it’s summer though.

Had a platform, 2 squat racks, belts for doing weighted dips/chins/whatever, and the usual other shit.

Also has on site tanning, shower, cardio area, and like an aerobics room.

Was $105 for 3 months, obviously cost goes down the longer you sign for and I think 6-12 month contracts have the option of paying $10 more a month for unlimited tanning.

Platinum Fitness is your cheapest option. Like the guy above said, it is an ok place and $20 a month if you sign up for a year. It can be extremely crowded depending on the time of day you go. After work it’s a madhouse.

Celli’s Fitness in the strip is the best gym in the area if you’re really serious about what you’re doing though. Monolift, three racks, three competition benches, two platforms, ceiling hooks for reverse band lifts, rev hyper, GHR, chains, bands, KBs, 2 sleds, slosh pipe, lots of sweet grip tools, every bar you can think of, and about 10k lbs of weight. It is more expensive but worth it in my opinion. The guy that runs the place is a nationally ranked PLer, Ryan Celli.

Celli’s gets crowded from 6-7:30 on MWF due to the PL crowd that trains at that time. Other than that it’s pretty good as far as crowds go.

Just call Ryan and he’ll tell you all about the place: 412 894 8234

The problem is hours, unfortunately. I prefer lifting late at night, I was lifting from 10-11pm at my old gym. If I would have to wake up early before work to lift, I really couldn’t justify not just going to work and getting the overtime. I might just have to join the X because it seems to be the only after work option.

That is a problem. Celli’s closes at 9.

I did belong to the X for years, primarily because of it’s convenience to where I lived. It’s an ok gym, but not serious by any means…no lifting platform, etc. I was probably the only guy there that performed any kind of olympic lifts…used to scare the shit out of the training staff…they were genuinely perplexed as to what I was doing…gave me a personal satisfaction;)

However, the hours would work for you and I’ll be completely honest…lots of fine ass at that place…a nice complement to your rest periods.

Seems like the X is where I should go. The only problem is this is I’m just fried from work. 12 hour days can do that. As much as I’m thinking I need to stop making excuses and get in there, it’s never been this tough before.