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Gyms in Pittsburgh (Recommendations)

I’m going back home for about 3 months, and I’ll need a gym while I’m there. I’ve been trying to read reviews from places, but it’s hard to interpret some of the reviews… Are meat heads a good thing or bad thing for me?

Anyway, I’m going to be around the Shadyside/Oakland area, had previously trained at the Fitness Factory since it was a quick drive away although as nice as the facilities were to someone training weights, it was kinda cramped.

I’ve been eyeing The X on Walnut Street and Club 1 in East Liberty, mostly for closeness, but I want to hear from people in the area for a good recommendation. If you want an idea, just assume I’m coming from WQED/Rodef Shalom/Central Catholic HS.


x2 for Celli’s. It’s in Lawrenceville, probably 10 min from you, and worth every penny.