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Gyms In Phoenix

I have been living in Phoenix, AZ for the last couple of years and now that I am leaving my gym job I need to find a place to train.

Ant Phoenix lifters out there got any suggestions and/or home gyms that are geared toward powerlifting?

I have seen some AZ tags on this sight so how 'bout some help…


 I was in Phoenix for a few years, then recently moved to the DFW area. If you are in the northwest part of the PHX area (Glendale, Peoria), Get Serious Gym is pretty good. There are a few serious lifters who train there, and, if you pay for a year at a time, it's only $175 or so. 

If you are in the Scottsdale/Tempe area, Thorbecke’s Gym is a “key club” with old-timey equipment and some hardcore masters lifters. The HMFWIC, Brick Darrow, seems to be gone all the time, except during the early AM–maybe during the three-quarter phase of the moon…Getting someone to answer the phone is totally unpredictible.
Good luck!

Thorbeckes gym

im at world gym scottsdale (hayden and thomas) a few of us there who bend the bar…