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Gyms in pharr Tx

Driving to south TX in april with wife,son and mother-in-law. Going to stay with sis-in-law for 4-5 days. I’m really going to need a gym to dump stress and get some “me” time.
This is in the Pharr- mcallan area. Any suggestions would help.

I stayed down there for 1 month in 2000, and worked out Pharr Gym, you can look it up in the phone book. It is a pretty good mix, kind of similar to the pictures of Westside Barbell, but not a hardcore gym, the owners was willing to work with my circumstances.

Thanks Sammy, I’ll try them.

The Pharr Gym is a good choice, open 24 hours, and has virtually everything you need. The owner is a former bodybuilder (now a chiropractor). If money is not really an issue, the Cornerstone gyms are nice and have almost the entire line of Hammer Machines.

Pharr Gym: 956 702-1212
Cornerstone: 956 686-0123

Thanks for the info and the phone numbers.