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Gyms in Paris?


I'll soon be moving to Paris and will be looking for a good hard core gym for training. I'll be working in the Versailles area. Appreciate any recommendations.


lol i am completely shocked this was not posted by an 09'er

dude i dont think there are any hardcore gyms in france period.




I don't think zey lift ze heavy weights in Le Paris.


What does the year someone signed up to a web site have to do with anything?

It sounds like you have never been over your state line. Have you heard of Serge Nubret or Ed Kawak?


Are you serious?

If you are, then you are a complete idiot


i was in France this year. any more questions?


You visiting France with your mum makes you the authority on gyms over there?

I'm sure they are around, you will just have to look. Not everything is going to be listed on the net. I've traveled some pretty strange places and found random gyms. Paris is huge you should have little trouble.


that's my aunt, not my mom.

does it make me an expert on gyms? no.

does it mean i've left the state line? yes.

and people in western europe as a whole don't really seem to find weights as appealing as the united states and the united states doesnt even find weights appealing.

you can name Bodybuilders from the 70's it doesn't fucking matter, this is 1975, its 2009 bodybuilding isn't mainstream good luck finding a hardcore gym anywhere. there's a reason a lot of the guys who train at a gym near me drive 40 minutes to workout there. it isn't cause theres a fuckin hardcore gym on every corner.

but yeah, let us know how the hardcore gym search works. cant wait to say 'i told ya so'


Fresh kicks


thanks, they're these



Hence the reason for this thread - I am TRYING TO FIND A GYM in all probability there will be someone who logs onto T-Nation who can recommend a suiable gym in Paris, why the hell are you even contunuing to post in this thread?


cause Austin likes my shoes.


yeah dude they are sweet. i stay buying shoes, i go through fazes though, and right now i'm rockin the loafers, boat shoes, and wallabees, which i have worn to the gym and gotten many mixed reactions haha. you buy kicks online?



lol i know a dude who stays with wallabees and some loafer type dealies. i buy nikes and various skate shoes.

i have these too


so dope, and the way they're laced the laces when tied hang down to the front, its sick.


Your best bet is to look through their version of the yellow pages and just search for the French word for gym or fitness club, whatever it is.


le gymnaseum?

le discotek du fitnes?


You're a lot cuter than I thought you'd be. MMM?


Uh oh, with Live's Aunt in the mix Austin's mom might have some competition :slight_smile:


fine, but i call shotgun