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gyms in nyc

moving to 16th and 6th ave…any good gyms in this area?

Check out Jonny Lats hardcore gym downtown not sure where its located at though.

In heath,
Silas C.

Depending on what you’re into, once upon a time the coolest place probably would have been Dr. Ken Leister’s “Iron Island Gym”. I don’t know if it has been corrupted since he sold it.

Read this http://www.naturalstrength.com/weightroom/detail.asp?ArticleID=119

johnny lats i think is in staten island now and i know about iron island but its too far away. but thanks for the responses. anyone else?

Johnny Lats is listed at both 7 East 17th St awa SI.

Just check in the phonebook to make sure.

You can try 24/7-Gramercy Park, its supposed to be “hardcore.”

NYC has so many gyms of all kinds that you’re going to have to do a lot of legwork and see what you can find.

There’s a YMCA in your hood, W23 I believe.
YMCAs are very gay, but then again where you live, all the gyms will be gay, big boy!

THere’s a really nice new public gym on E23 or 24th, its called Asher levy. Can’t beat the price on public gyms, though some of them have revolting weight rooms.

You have some work ahead of you.

Or you can move ti SI. Trust me, its much nicer here!

There’s a big fitness club on like 23rd and 7th, I think NY Sports Club is the name. One of the big local franchises.

There is also a local franchise called Dolphin Fitness and I think they are around 14th St. and several other spots.

There’s a place called David Barton Fitness and I think that is on west 14th.

Sorry that is a little too vague…

No, its not vague, they’re really are a ton of gyms. THat’s why I said he’ll have to do legwork.

If I was living on 16th and 6th, I’d be getting most of my workouts at Royce Gracie’s dojo on 23rd st! I can dig learning ju-jitsu from a World, UFC and Pride champ!

Of course, he and his entire family got beat by Sakuraba-have to give props to my pro wrestlers!

i would like to workout at gracie’s gym, but i can’t afford both. my job has a gym but it sucks, no place to squat or deadlift unless you want to squat using the smith machine.

Dolphin is pretty decent, at least when I was there last. It’s on 14th and second. or you can go to 23rd and I think park.

i heard Dolphin is pretty good. has anyone been there? how is it? whats the price and do they have alot to offer there? i go to Powerhouse now on Francis Lewis Blvd. its too crowded. dont like it very much.

I think the Johnny Lats on 17th street is now called 24/7. I haven’t been there, but there is another 24/7 on 14th and 6th that is good and cheap.

The Asher Levy public gym is also good and even cheaper, but the hours are not that great and you’ll have to trek crosstown to the east river.

Also, I think the the Gracie is Renzo, and his gym moved up to near 34th. I haven’t been there since it moved up from 26th.

By the way, the Crunch on 13th and broadway is really not bad at all and has ridiculous eye candy.