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Gyms In Northville (Detroit Area)

I’ll be interning in Detroit this summer and will be residing in Northville for the time being. Northville is about 30 miles west of Detroit, and from the “research” I’ve been doing, my options are:

  1. Planet Fatness,
  2. Lifetime Fitness, or
  3. Powerhouse Gym.

Planet Fatness is already out of the question. Lifetime Fitness is closer to me, but it sounded too mainstream when I was talking to the front desk staff (ie. when I asked if I could deadlift, he said “This is a family gym.”). Powerhouse Gym seems to be my best option out of the three.

However, does anyone know of other gyms in the Northville area? Maybe one that I couldn’t find online? Maybe one for more serious lifters?

Thanks for your help!

There’s a Bally’s in Livonia I believe on Plymouth Rd. Not too far from Northville. Its not hardcore but it should have what you need, I haven’t been to that particular one, though.

The one on plymouth is in redford and not the nicest area, as “The hood” is only across the street and 2 blocks down. You get a rough crowd there, specially on Sat/sun. There’s a gym called “Core fitness” on 6 mile and middlebelt. That’s a decent one with alot of benches but only 1 squat rack.

There is a lifetime fitness in novi and that’s your best bet, but good luck going in rush hour as you’ll have to take 275 north. I’ll keep an eye out for any others i might have missed when I go out that way thrusday to take my wife to get her hair done.

Hope this helps.


Duh! forgot about the livonia rec center on 5 mile and farmington, they have a pretty good setup and are the closest to northvile i can think of.


My bad, the Bally’s I was referring to is in Plymouth but its on Ann Arbor Rd.

Power house on Halstead road in Farmington hills is a decent gym from what I recall.

Also, try Vital Power in Wixom on beck road. Not right around the corner, but it was owned by a bodybuilder.

Also, I can’t remember the name, but there was a decent gym on eight mile, just west of farmington road.

Thanks for all the help everyone! It looks like Lifetime Fitness and Powerhouse are still my best options (they’re the closest to my apartment).

So you’re coming to Detroit from Texas, eh? Sucker.
I kid, I kid! Metro Detroit can be a good place to live. I know there is/was a Powerhouse in Farmington Hills at 12 and Orchard Lake that’s not too far from Northville.

On another note: Should you like mountain biking, Mayberry State Park at 8 Mile and Beck is a fantastic lower body workout!
Welcome to the D!

Hey, I live in Colorado though but I was born and raised in metro area. Lived in Wayne, Farmington, Wixom and Plymouth. As far as I know, Vital Power isn’t around anymore in Wixom, but it’s too bad because that was the best gym around. I think there’s still a powerhouse on Ford in Canton.

There is a nice Powerhouse Gym in South Lyon if you’re willing to drive there. Small, nothing fancy, bunch of good guys work out there. Lifetime fittness is honestly fine. Yeah you’re going to see a lot of tools there, but if you mind your own buisness and just workout they’re not going to stop you from doing the lifts you want or anything…

Lifetime Fitness on Haggerty Rd just north of Eight Mile is an excellent gym, in spite of your first impression. I was a member there for four years until I started training at home two years ago.

There are numerous free weights and plate loaded machines, including Hamer Strength; your standard stack loaded machines; large cardio area with viewing monitors; indoor/outdoor pool; sauna; exellent locker room facilities; great female foliage, and a LifeCafe.

There are also massage rooms and many different classes such as Tai Chi, yoga, aerobics, Marine boot camp type programs, etc. Classes and massages cost extra, and are not included in your membership. And best of all, Lifetime is open 24/7 except for certain holidays. Membership is an up front $300 membership fee and $50 or so a month. Lifetime is your best bet. I guarantee that you’ll love it.

Hey, I also forgot to mention that there is no contract. Your membership is on a month to month basis, and you can cancel at any time without penalty. And once you’re a member, you can use any Lifetime facility anywhere in the country. There are quite a few facilities around the country already and new ones are popping up all the time.