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Gyms In New York City


Does anybody belong to, workout in, or know of any good gyms in New York City? Open 24-hours a day is mandatory.




How is this possible?


It's not that great as far as gyms go, but NYSC at Sheridan Square is open 24 hours.


So is the one on 23rd and Park- the NYSC that is. Check out their website it has a couple 24 hour locations. And I believe there are some 24 Hour Fitness Clubs? Or some shit like that?

What neighborhood do you currently live/train in?



I'm not currently training in NYC but will be soon. You in NYC?




I belong to NYSC. They're all over the city which makes it very convenient, and while it is not the BEST gym I have been to, you can get everything done. I go to the one in Grand Central which only has one squat rack. I thought it would be a problem, but then I realized that the only other people that use it are doing bicep curls, and I happily tell them to move somewhere else.


I concur with the NYSC (used to belong). They're everywhere. Some have strange setups, like 44th St, where squat racks and and leg machines are basement floor and the rest of the free weights and DBs are on the 2nd floor. Others are fine. The ones in the suburbs are usually pretty wide open with plenty of equipment not being used (free weights that is).

I used to belong to HRC for a while. I thought it was better, except that it was a 4 floor club, free weights all the way on the 4th floor and locker room on the ground floor (50th St location) Also, the showers were in the basement, down a spiral staircase from the locker room, which means that coming up the stairs after the shower, you will likely come nose to pecker with the guys who don't like to wear towels.

I train at home now and it's much better.



I like the gym scenes that was 10 - 15 years ago. Now the scene just sucks dirt. Sadly, as other posters have mentioned, NYSC seems to be the best bet now. As far as convinience goes, they can't be beat.

I have not check this place out yet, but if you want to do weightlifting, try visit this place (it's not 24hr)



Yea, I'm from NYC and am here til Sept. 1st.



unfortunately the crazy nightlife, promiscious women and expensive drinks have seriously side tracked me from my workout routine.

I think I've got all the fun and meaningless sex out of my system so I can re-focus on the strength game.

Anybody want to recommend a good bar/dance club in NYC?


How much per month are you looking to spend?


on partying?


hey i just moved here (upper east side) and I'm serious about getting back into lifting I wanna find something thats cheap...which is rare around these parts and if not cheap then at least something that isn't too fancy and made for people who want to lift not get pedicures after running on treadmills....i mean for girls that's fine but i'd rather not pay for a bunch of things i'll never use.


I live on the UES in Manhattan. I am a member at Health & Racquet Club. Membership here gives you access to all locations in the city and the amenities are nice if you like to workout before or after work, as they all have nice showers and supplies. There is cardio equipment if you like that and the four HRC's that I've been to are fairly well outfitted with free weights and machines.

I can't say much for any of the other gyms, I joined here with a friend and we have been going for about a year.


24/7 fitness on 14th between 5th and 6th
Once you sign up membership is like 35 bucks a month.

theyve got a powerlifting competition coming up on the 18th


This place is the best lifting gym in NY. Bar none...

The gym I work at charges 69.99/month, but isn't geared towards the hard core lifter. Me and Mcgorry are the only ones that have ever squatted at a boom fitness.


J's Big Gym on the upper West side is 24 hours Monday through Friday, Sat and Sunday from 9 AM to 7 PM
Located at 635 West 181st.


I lifted at this place for a short time. It was great and really cheap to use the facilities.