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Gyms in N.C.

I am planning on moving to NC in the spring, around the Raleigh/Durham area. oes anybody know of any “real” gyms around there?

Why the hell can’t you people move to Fayetteville, jeez. Do a search on T-Nation with Gyms and N.C. put together. There are a few threads around here.

Best stength training gym near Raleigh is Clayton Fitness in Clayton, NC.

Whats so good about Fayetteville? I am not moving into Raleigh, more like Apex, Cary, or Hollysprings.

Powerlifting watch lists 1 place.
However, it appears to be more of a personal training studio.

Clayton Fitness looks pretty solid and I was actually kinda shocked when I looked it up.

If anything else exists it must be a well kept secret. I searched the internet for a few months trying to find a decent “gym” not a fitness center.
Now that I live here I still haven’t seen anything.

I do know Cary has only “fitness centers”. Awesome town to live in, but with some of the yuppee population I doubt it would be very fun to train at any of those places, lol. I can’t even imagine how many Squat Rack Curls Stories I would have after one day in any of them.

I elected to go with a bare minimum home gym setup and have no regrets.
In fact I have seen some amazing deals on the raleigh/durham craigslist site.
A couple power racks for sale each month.
I would really suggest that you look into that route if you have the room, it’s worth it.

And really the places I called for membership rates do scalp you compared to what I had experienced in another place. You may be able to get yourself a decent setup for just a years membership to a “fitness center”
For the record one of the fitness centers looked to be extremely well equipped, but on their website the membership price says basically, if you have to ask how much it is you don’t belong here. lol.
So I guess it also depends on where you are at money wise.

[quote]BiggIrishmann wrote:
Whats so good about Fayetteville? I am not moving into Raleigh, more like Apex, Cary, or Hollysprings.[/quote]

Fort Bragg is based in Fayetteville. Or Fayetteville is based around Fort Bragg. Plus, I know a good gym there. Promark Fitness. Outside of that, I don’t know any places in N.C.

The gym Clayton Fitness in Clayton is your best bet. It is awesome. There are a bunch of powerlifters working out there and they put on APF meets there twice a year. They have a monolift, GHR, reverse hyper, bands, chains, stones for strongman, log, sled, etc… and some very strong lifters - 900 + squatters, 800 + deadlifters, 800 + shirted benchers, etc… and lots more awesome stuff. But is is a fitness place too with a racquetball court, basketball court, lots of treadmills, etc…

And in Raleigh downtown, there is a place called the Powerhouse where a lot of powerlifters train. You can call them and go down there. Other than that, there are private home gyms in the area if you know somebody in the area.

I lift at Peak Fitness in Chapel Hill on 54. Have been searching for a powerlifting gym in the area with little success. Nobody seems to mind much when I bring my Texas Power Bar, bands, and boards into the gym, however.

Yeah- that’s kind of the bummer about the South. Hardcore gyms are few and becoming fewer. It blows be away when I meet folks from New York or Illinois that trained up north at a YMCA with buckets of chalk, a monolift and 200 lb dumbbells. Down here, the YMCAs could easily pass for a LA Fitness.