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Gyms in Montreal


I'm moving at the end of July and since I know there are a few Montrealers lurking around TN, I'd like to know where you train and how would you rate your gym. I'm curious to know about any facility on the island or in Laval.


If you're not afraid to be the only person squatting, Energie Cardio would do it. There's one everywhere.

It' 4 min from my house in car was the definitive advantage.

Great music too, they play Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake, etc.


CP, thanks but no thanks LOL. I'm not sure any club with the word cardio in it would appreciate my membership.
I guess I should be more specific: must allow deads, chalk and not create too much of a spectacle when I train with my bench shirt.


Haha, I just wanted to say Energie Cardio isn't THAT bad. And being the strongest guy in the place is somewhat fun.

What's you max bench? You might have a better bench than most guy where I go!


You better have a clue on lifting if you go to energie-cardio
otherwise you will lose your time


In what part of montreal are you moving?
The biggest gym would probably be the pro-gym in hochelaga-maisonneuve.
They have like 8-10 squat racks if I remember well. And a Oly weightlifting room/platform.


Not sure if you've seen this link in strength sports diana... http://tnation.tmuscle.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_strength/powerlifting_gyms_in_quebec_

See you in a few weeks in Ottawa :slightly_smiling:


Thanks Court, I know of those gyms already. Except Levis, it's a few hours away LOL.
Found a nice lil place today, but the guy warned me no chalk, otherwise it's good though and close to work.


I trained there for a year and it's good, but far. I'm going to be in RDP, I think.


That's rough but I guess if it's close to work...


Anyone know any good gyms near the Macdonald campus of Mcgill? That's where I'm heading this fall.