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Gyms in Missisauga/Oakville

Anyone know of any good gyms in the mississauga oakville area?


sorry i cant recommend anything specific,all i can say is avoid Goodlife fitness clubs- i’m ashamed to say i work for them and they suck- definatly not a gym for T-mag readers-I’m looking for a better gym to work at im my area.

stay away from primere fitness too. they are snakes.

here are some choices:





hope that helps you.


Thanks for the heads up

I don’t know about Oakville buit I visited most the gyms in Missi.

I train at the Premier on Dundas. I agree, real snakes. Also, it’s hot and humid as hell in the summer. There’s a new facility that just opened on Milcreek and I hear it’s nice… Too far for me. If you go with them pay for one year in advance, do NOT provide you banking info.

The YMCA in Missi is not worth it in my opinion. Very small and busy. Maybe ok for 16 year olds?

There’s a place in the Square One mall (Bally I think), also not an option in my opinion. Too expensive and more for men’s health types.

I don’t know about local Goodlife gyms, I went to one for a while in Kitchener and it was ok.

I think you’re better off going to Golds. The one in Missi is owned by Henderson Thorn.

p.s. Any T-men train at Premier on Dundas? The reason I ask is because I saw some old back issues of T-maag lying around there…