Gyms in Midtown (Manhattan)

Moving up to the Big Apple in July, and I was hoping to find a good gym that had a few squat racks and maybe even a power rack. When I was up there last year, the only gyms I found were New York Sports Club (NYSC), Mid City Gym, and Equinox. The NYSC I visited (I believe around 48th) did not have a single squat rack. Equinox (on 51st) had 2 squat racks if I recall correctly, but membership fees were insanely high. I ended up getting a membership at Mid City Gym, which was a great gym, but they close at 11pm.

I’ll be working some rough hours (start around 9am, finish anywhere from 9pm - 3am), so hours of operation is pretty important.

If it helps, I’ll be working in Midtown (50th and 6th) and have not found a place to live yet but will most likely be in the Murray Hill area.

Any suggestions?

I occasionally go to the NYHRC on 50th (across from St. Patricks). There is a squat rack and a power rack. I used to go to a NYSC on 46th between 5th and Madison that did not have a rack, but I recall the one on 43rd (bet 5th and 6th) having one.