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Gyms in Manchester, UK


I have recently moved to the Capital City of the North, and i am looking for a gym.

I trained at a Virgin Active yesterday… it was ‘ok’. Not enough plates, no rack, no plate loaded machines… not worth £35 a month or whatever they charge.

i am going to be looking at Sugden today, i believe it has a decent FW area, and that is important to me, i can get machines and fancy equipment at a job, but my body needs powerbuilding style work. i cant do that with Nautilus only…! :wink:

So does anyone have any good suggestions here? Town Centre and the southside is my area.



I’m in Bannatynes on Quay Street (just off Deansgate). It’s not brilliant, but does have a squat rack and free weights (as well as machines - but not plate loaded really). There are a few ‘big guys’ who use this gym, but it’s certainly not a spit n sawdust place. They’ll let you have a look around if you pop in.

last time i was there i went to la fitness on king street. not too bad and there was a rack back then too. but that was a while back. im sure it’s still there. it may even be hardcore enough for you.

LA Fitness… really? That is a surprise about the rack…


I AM surprised by the lack of spit and shit gyms in the area… at least ones that are near enough to my line of travel.

Any others?

Sugden gyms your best bet if your in the centre, and some really good guys lift there.

You wouldnt be stuck for motivation or inspiration.

I am moving to Sale next month (South Manchester)and am in a similar situation.

Anyone know any good gyms in this area with the same powerlifting requirements as the op?


if you sleep with the manageress of a jjb gym she can usually find ways to get racks, machines etc that arent in keeping with there current line in exchange for not telling her husband :wink: