Gyms in London

Hi all,

I’ll be moving to London in a month or so and will probably be living in or around the West End/Soho/Covent Garden area. Are there any decent gyms right in those environs that you know of? I found one online called Soho Gyms (which has a branch in Covent Garden) but I for some reason got the sense that it’s – well – mainly a gay gym. Am I wrong? Thanks in advance.

Anyone at all?

I think you are correct about that gym but it’s no great shakes. Gay men are usually in better condition that straight guys anyway! I trian at golds in Sydney which has a similar demographic and that has never been an issue - nor would it be.

Sorry I only know the east end well but thought I should post.

Muscleworks in Bethnal Green is pretty hardcore, hardcore bodybuilding that is. Sav is the owner, a realy nice bloke as well. It’s been years since i trained there due to moving away, but I would train there again. Although I was by far the smallest there and pretty clueless when I started I was never ignored.

Its on the central line about 20 mins from the west end.

Thanks Drewsky. A 20-minute train ride is going to be a bit much for me, unfotunately. Does anyone know of any others in the West End area? Thanks again.

Sorry, although I live here, I train in a gym in the North, and I’m leaving that for a lack of proper free weights. Will be training at home, I guess. You’ll have the usual gym chains, but I know we don’t like those… Sorry, but got no clue…

Wait, they have a huge Y here somewhere. Gonna ask a colleague and get back to you.


Gyms in West end, Covent Gdn and soho.
You can try jubillie Sports hall in Covent garden itself. Good gym, equipment, but it is frequented by a gay clientele, if thats not a prob it has decent equipment and a power rack. You can train there for about ?7 as a one off guest fee
Gym box is in Holborn, again good equipment, heavy dumbells, hammer strength,etc. It doeas have a boxing side to the gym if that interests you, but as a standalone gym it is prob the one I would join in the West end. You will need to sign up to membership, but pop in and ask to be shown around.
Fitness first have several gyms in the area, Covent Garden (mainly gay clientele) embankment(tiny), but it has recipricol membership so you can use other better gyms around london (Acton. Leyton, etc)
If you want to look outside Of west end PM me for other options

I’d recommend training outside of the Soho area as the gyms are all too, well, camp if you’re into heavy training.

If you can travel hit Wags in Forest Gate. World Famous, heavy training and if you want to get a bit of Iron History, Arnie used to train with the owner.

There’s also a few hard core gyms south of the river.

If you can stomach the price, Third Space is off Brewer St in Soho. The basement is one huge weights floor, there is a full size boxing ring, swimming pool, altitude training room and best of all an erotic dancing class on Wednesday’s…Stringfellows and Storm model agency are corporate clients so that is always a popular class :slight_smile:

Thanks very much for the advice, guys. I was at a loss. I’ll definately check those out.