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Gyms In London?


Hi guys, i'm just about to move into a new house in West Kensington, London and was wondering if any of you knew of any proper gyms ie that dont have 1000s of cardio machines and actually have a squat rack?


Studied abroad in London. I went to Muscleworks. It's a very hardcore bodybuilding gym in East London. It's by the Bethnal Green tube stop. Google it and see if you like it. No membership, cash is ok etc etc

Very big dudes in there.


That looks awesome! Shame its an hours journey away, but if all else fails it looks like it might be worth the journey. cheers mate


I lived in London for a few years. I personally don't see the problem with being a member of a Fitness First or Virgin Active if thats the closest gym to you. Better to get to the gym on a regular basis, that has all the basics ie squat racks, deadlifting areas, plenty of benches, (which both do) than travelling an hour away for the vibe. Besides going to gyms like FF , if you have trained a few years you generally are one of the bigger/stronger guys there compared to "proper gyms" so you can be the big badass of the place if thats your thing.

In saying that there were still plenty of big guys training at either when I trained, working out amongst regular gym goers.


I find its better to be the smallest, weakest guy in the gym. No better motivation than that! and atmosphere = priceless.

just my view


Bodyworks Gym, Tottenham Hale, North London
40mins on tube - District Line to Victoria then Victoria Line to Seven Sisters/Tottenham Hale ... maximum 5mins walk to the gym
The gym is getting bigger and bigger, doubled in size since I first joined a year ago.


I know its a bit far but if you want me to do a video tour for you I don't mind. Its the only Gym in London I've been to so can't really speak about others. Fitness First is a rip off for what it offers.

Other than that there is Muscleworks in East London as mentioned above, Muscleworks 2 in North London and Metroflex in South East London.