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Gyms in London?

Anybody know of any well equipped gyms in London.

Preferably looking to train near to work or home. So in the vicinity of warren street or Kentish town area.

Preferably looking for a gym that will allow you to drop weights/has rubber plater lifting platform etc.

Would like full bells and whistles. Eg access to kettle bells, bands, chains, prowler (unlikely), decent oly bars (eh Eleiko), blast straps / oly rings / trx.

Don’t mind traveling a bit but limited to public transport

Not really fussed about access to pools saunas, steam rooms, cardio equipment etc

[I last stages of rehabbing a medial ligament tear so I understand some stuff is out of e question ATM. Though its been 2 months and I managed to squat 100kg for 3 reps yesterday so strength returning (3 rep Max’s before was 150kg)

Not sure if this is too far away but Bethnal Green has a great weightlifting club:

Giles Greenwood was one of the coaches there when I went 4 years ago. He was a gold medalist at the commonwealth games in the super heavy weight category.

A couple of my colleagues train at a gym in Wood Green that has platforms, bumper plates, etc. I don’t know london at all (I live 20 miles north of london and just commute into work, never going anywhere near the centre) so no idea if it’s close to where you want, but I’ve heard great things so it’s worth looking into.

Physical Culture Gym in Putney has all of the above (but not enough space to use the prowler.) Eleiko comp bars/plates/comp spec bench/TRX straps/Eleiko Kettlebells/Chains etc.