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Gyms in London, ON


does anyone know of any powerlifting gyms in london, Ontario? Or perhaps some sort of strong man training facility/group or something like that. Im first year at UWO, and i have to deal with the piece o' shit campus gym, trying to find a better place to train. thanks for any help.


As far as I'm aware, there aren't any commercial facilities equipped with platforms or bumpers in London. As far as the campus gym being a "piece o' shit," you have to appreciate the tradeoff between having a powerlifting set-up vs. having the hottest, easiest girls in the country working out all around you - count your blessings :wink:. The varsity weight room in Thames is sufficient for your basic lifts but unfortunately isn't equipped with bumpers / platforms and you'll have to sneak in if you're not a varsity athlete (rumor has it they're building a "state of the art" facility at the Stadium next year, replete with bumpers, platforms, etc).

Off campus, the overall best gym is the Athletic Club, or I should say are the athletic clubs as there are two. But again, it's a commerical set up so no platforms or bumpers and the plates are octagonal. On the upside, the bars actually spin and the equipment is decent. The Wonderland North club between Oxford and Sarnia will be the closest to you.

There are a few private / semi-private facilities around but I'm not sure of their equipment or your ability to get in.

Keep in mind, despite the lack of optimal equipment, you should be able to train quite sufficiently given even the UCC facilities. Afterall, the good Dr. JB managed to do so - albeit with a little bit of guidance from yours truly :wink:


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check out the london powerlifting club's website. get in touch with them and i'm sure they'll be able to hook you up.