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gyms in las vegas

Hey guys/gals. A group of us are going to vegas this weekend to do some training for work, along with the usual stuff in vegas. I was wondering if any of yous knew a good gym to train at, I know cutler/titus/and some other big boys work out there, is there a gold or worlds there? Any guys/gals live in or near vegas and train? Thanks for the input


The Gold’s was ok last time I was there- like years and years ago- the only problem was it was a real bitch getting a cab back to the hotel afterwards, you may want to make arrangements with the hotel for transportation before going.
That was some time ago though, things may be different now.

Last year when I was in Vegas for a week, I took a $30 week-long membership at The Los Vegas Athletic Club. There are several around town, but the BIG one is on Maryland Blvd (if I remember correctly)close to the UNLV campus, and not a bad taxi ride or even muni-bus ride from the Strip. It was a large and decent club (so far the largest I’ve ever used), and seemed to have something for everyone from a fantastic cardio room to a free weight section that seemed to be populated by pleanty of “hard core” types.

There is a 24-Hour Fitness in the Los Vegas Airport, which is kind of neat…if you have a long delay…although there are also a couple of sports bars!!!

I should have mentioned that there is a beautiful gym in the Mandalay Bay Hotel, but last time I was there, they were charging $35 a day to use it.

I’d invite you to my facility, but we’re moving and the new place won’t be ready for 2-3 weeks? sorry!


You may want to check out the gym at your hotel first. I know the Hard Rock and The Palms both have pretty good gyms. Certainly not Westside style but more than enough for a few days.

If not there’s a Gold’s Gym on Sahara and Decatur that’s about 10-20 minutes from the Strip (depending on where you are).

The 24 Hour Fitness is on Sahara and Maryland Parkway, which is slightly closer to the Strip, but I’ve never been in there so i don’t know what kind of equipment they have.

The Gold’s Gym off of the strip is pretty good. They have a small power lifting area and the free weights, although old, are plentiful. I’ll be there this weekend for a bachelor party and that’s the gym where I’ll be going. To find it just go to www.goldsgym.com If they still aren’t checking you can tell them you are an IHRSA member and receive a discount for the day. In fact you can do this at most gyms in the US and abroad.