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Gyms in La Jolla

Gonna be spending some time in La Jolla for the next couple of months, was wondering if any of you know some good gyms i can train at while im there?


im not sure exactly how far la jolla is from pacific beach. but if you just go down 5 to pb you will run into the baddest gym on the planet.

World Gym, pacific beach

i guarantee you will love it.

I believe Coach Davies often plays in that neck of the woods, maybe you could contact him for info.
Thank you,

Are you in the old part of La Jolla or the new part? If you’re up in the new part, I would suggest buying a membership at the UC San Diego gym in the RIMAC center. However, keep in mind that it’s crowded during peak hours – great facility though.

Yeah, i was thinking about the gym at UCSD as ill be staying min or two from there. I figured that it wouldnt be much of a gym since its a public university and a nerdy one at that…but maybe im wrong.

Ill check it out, thanks…

tell me when you’re in the area. Always like to get together and train with some of the forum crew- but really my gym is in the back of the pickup and I train mostly outside.

Drop me a line sometime.

In faith,

Coach Davies