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Gyms in Ireland


This is for all you T-Nation-ers out there in Ireland. I know there was a thread about vacationing in Ireland and England, but it didn't touch on places to train. Anyhow, I'll be in these cities starting on the 30th of this month:


I know that some of these towns may be small, but I figured that I'd put them out there anyways and see what pops up.

Also, if any of you have the inside scoop on where to go and what to do I'd really appreciate that too.


Sadly, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Euros don't train as much as we in the western hemisphere do. Good luck even discussing weight lifting with any Europeans. Granted, I've spent little time in the UK, but most Euros I've conversed with asked if I was on "The roidsss" and didn't know jack shit about weight lifting at all.

/disclaimer: I'm not condescending anybody from Europe who does train, I'm just relating my personal experiences while in Europe, that's all. I may be totally wrong about other parts that I never visited, keep that in mind. :slight_smile:


G'em's gonna eat you alive:-)

To the OP, send a PM to Hanley. He should be able to help


Damn straight :wink:

gatesoftanhauser, your attitude is a prime example of how a minority of Americans give your nation the repuation of being ignorant and rude.

Europe is a big place with over 700,000,000 people (more than the US) in 55 countries. Please do us the courtesy of not lumping us all together as "Euros" - wtf is that anyway?? Euros are our currency, Europeans are the people who live in Europe.

I've been to Hawaii, Massachusetts and California, and have friends from Alaska, New York, New Hampshire and Oregon but I would never for a second consider to make sweeping generalisations on the 300,000,000+ people of America as a whole judged on the handful of people (very lovely people for that matter) I've met along the way.

And just as a point of note, you said you've spent little time in the UK - what has that got to do with gyms in Ireland? Sligo, Dublin, Kilkenny, Killarney and Doolin are all in the Republic of Ireland, not the UK. That's like me commenting on housing quality in Baltimore after spending a weekend in Boston.

I'd be intrigued to know exactly what was discussed during these conversations you've had with these "Euros" - given your blatant ignorance of current affairs and geography I'd highly doubt there was anything of any intellectual substance involved, but just for the record I can personal vouch for plenty of us "Euros" knowing plenty about weight lifting, not to mention the more famous names; Jill Mills, Andy Bolton, Mariusz Pudzianowski, Aneta Florczyk - any of those ring a bell?

I'm not for a second saying that you won't find ignorance about weight lifting in European cultures, you'll find it the same way if you were to stop any random person in any country in the world. Stop tarnishing everyone with the same brush just because your ego got a(n undeserved) nice little stroke getting asked if you were on the "The roidsss".

OP, I can't give you any info about gyms anywhere other than in Dublin. Do you know where exactly you're going to be staying in the city? There's plenty of gyms around but a lot of them don't allow for day-visitors, you'll need to get signed in as a guest. If you know where you're staying PM me and I'll see if I know of any decent gyms in the area.

And there's loads to do in all those places you mentioned - Guinness Brewery, Trinity College, oodles of museums and galleries in Dublin; Clifs of Moher and the Aran Islands at Doolin; Glencar waterfall, Kesh caves and Cairn park in Sligo; Kilkenny Castle and great pubs in Kilkenny; Muckross house and lake in Killarney; Giants Causeway at Bushmills. Give me a shout if you need any info about anything - agus failte romhat go hEireann :wink:


Game Set and Match.


Fair point! Man you missed some things on your trip


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I guess you Irish can't read, eh?


it seemed a bit unwarranted as he just quoted himself... funny though.


I don't know of any gyms, but I hear there's a pub with a tap hooked up directly to the Guinness beer factory.


And a river of Jameson flows directly through the IRA headquarters too


Haha buddy, you just actually countered the claim that you're a douchebag with this prize-winning, remarkably inept comment:

.. Wow. Do you pride yourself on being an uninformed, bigoted fuck? I seriously question the rationale of a country that uses people like you as instruments of war - Yes I see that you are a United States soldier.


Oh us Irish can read just fine. Unfortunately calling an entire continent ignorant, then trying to cover your ass with a limp-wristed disclaimer just doesn't work.

I did bare it in mind though. That's why what I said was moderately polite compared to what I actually wanted to say on reading the first supremely idiotic part of your post.


jgamez, I can help you out for your stay in Sligo. Everything in Connacht is driving distance - This includes Co. Galway.

There is an olympic weightlifting club run by Nathaniel Callaghan in Sligo. I can get in touch with him if you want - he has a full competition Werksan set and olympic platform in his garage and invites new lifters to join.

If you are up for a road-trip to Galway, the Suileen in Tuam is pretty good, it's located on the Galway Road. Plenty of free weights, though no bumpers. It is 8 eur a visit.

Also, the Galway City gym is a hardcore facility. It's located on the Tuam Road in downtown Galway. The traffic on the N17 around Claregalway can be frustrating in Irish terms, but it is no comparison to big city US traffic commotion. The Galway City Gym definitely has a good atmosphere.

Also, I reccommend hitting up Temple Bar in Dublin. There is a great atmosphere all around. You also better hit up Croke Park and the GAA Museum for a tour. Gaelic Games are without a doubt the most interesting aspect of Irish society, not only are football and hurling the two most entertaining and skillful sports - drug-free players, btw - but the GAA is sort of the cornerstone of Irish Nationalism.

A few tips:

  • Don't call Euro 'Dollars', or Cent 'Cents'.
  • If you're not drinking spirits, drink Guinness.
  • It is perfectly acceptable to say that you just finished a tour in Iraq - heart-wrenching war stories and the like - as long as the end result is sleeping with a cute Irish girl. Though I must impress upon you that US policy, our president, and the Iraq War are extremely unpopular in Ireland. The sooner you realize this the better.

Good luck, Slainte go sael agat!


Lol at the second post referring to 'the UK'.

Dunno how people can still not know that Southern Ireland and Britain have been seperate for what, almost 100 years now.


Ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves an Internet Tough Guy.


I think his primary means of communications must involve pictures of some kind.


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