Gyms in Houston

Hey, I’m going to be spending the next two weeks in Houston, and I was wondering if anyone on here knew of a good gym I could use for that long (6 workouts). I’m totally willing to pay, but I’d rather not pay a lot, since, like I said, it’s only two weeks.

PL friendly gym would be ideal (I’ve heard genesis is good but it’s pretty far), but I can work with anything. I’m inside 610, on the southwest corner. The closest gym is an “LA Fitness signature club” but I’m pretty sure they’d charge me out the ass, and anyway it’s an LA Fitness. Just wondering if anybody has any experience with this.

The Warehouse Gym on the Southeast side is the best for powerlifting and strongman. We have a large group of powerlifters, and of the strongmen 2 are pro and 1 has been to Worlds Strongest Man twice.

We are mostly dirty rotten cheaters, but have a couple USAPL and raw guys too.

PM me and I can send directions and phone number. They won’t let you post it on the forum. I think the guest fee is like $10 a week, but don’t quote me on that.

Here’s a pic, more in my profile from various stages of construction.

Break away speed sports

It is on the sw side of houston, off of 610. They have 3 olifting platforms w/ bumpers, 2 heavy dute squat racks. Dropping weights and chalk encouraged.