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Gyms in Halifax, NS


Hey just wondering what T-Nation members from Nova Scotia consider to be the best gym in Halifax for equipment related to powerlifting and oly lifting. I'm from Hali but unfortunately I've only ever been a member at goodlife or sackville sportsplex (not ideal for squat racks, benches and oly lifting platforms). Want to find a quality gym for this summer when I get back from university.


To the best of my knowledge, Craig Hurford still owns/runs a gym in Halifax called East Coast Fitness Center in the Bayers Lake business park. Although I've never been there, he used to powerlift and do highland games quite a bit so I am sure he is equipped to suit your needs. Give them a call.

I've worked out at Dal before, at one of the gyms (not sure which one). It was adequate..racks, benches, lots of plates, but nothing to brag about.


East Coast Fitness.


ok thanks for the reply guys, i'll have to go check east coast out


If you're in the South End you could always try The Tower at SMU. It has platforms and a decent amount of everything.


Yeah I thought about the tower but my only worry is it'll be packed with students all the time (hate having to wait for too long to use equipment). then again it might not be bad at all over the summer


The Dalplex has a platform and some ok equipment. The thing is, it's nearly impossible to find the weight you're looking for. The plates are sort of strewn about randomly, with half of them in KG and half in lbs. Also, in the school year, its crowded as fuck. Trying to bench is a nightmare and you can forget about super sets.
If you're only looking for the summer though, it might be suitable. Don't know how expensive fees are.


The Tower during the summer is a deadzone, occasionally you may run into some traffic. But if you're working out in the morning or during the day at all, you'll have the place to yourself.


Thats where I was! It was the summer...and I remember that they had all sorts of different sets of plates of odd denominations strewn everywhere. It was a pain to try to find two plates that match.


Guys, I'm visiting some friends in halifax in a couple weeks ( none of them train). I've got a bench meet coming up, and its the same weekend I have my first shirted session planned. Im planning on working up to a single on a three board, followed by some sets in the 80%s on a two board. I havent been to east coast fitness in quite a while, i'd really rather not have to bring my boards and everything with me. Does anyone know if there is a set there that I can use or anything? Or any training groups in halifax in can hop in with for a day?