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Gyms in Edinburgh?



Due to work I have been re-assigned to Edinburgh for the next 6-8 weeks.

Very near Waverley Gate in Waterloo Place.

I'd be most appreciative if someone from Edinburgh may know any good gyms in the area ?

Not looking for much - bench, squat rack, place to deadlift & some dumbells will have me sorted.



If you'd be up for it, i have my own gym in my 3 door garage (pic attached hopefully) and my place is only a 15/20minute bus trip from waverley. It'd be a shit load cheaper than paying for one of the ones in town. When would you be looking to train during the day?


I'm not currently sure to be quite honest... company isn't big on details and short on providing time to get ready to go !

I'd presume I'd be 9-5 or 9-6 so anything after half 7 would be perfect.

Be nice to lift with someone who lifts properly... lifting on my for the last year I have been doing lifting.

If it's to late - maybe I can catch you at the weekend for a leg session or something.

Cheers for the offer.


Nah man i work 9-5:30 so im usualy home by 6 so anytime after then is fine, if you pm me i'll send you my number. We train all weekdays par wednesday but since its my garage im always in for helping sessions etc.


Ye that would be pretty fantastic.

Have all my dates confirmed by friday, so I can let you know.